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Biography for
Ares (Character)
from Immortals (2011)

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Ares (aka Mars) is the son of Zeus (aka Jupoiter) and Hera (aka Juno); and he is the god of war. The Olympians were by no means peaceable, nevertheless they disliked Ares whom they regarded as a bloodly-minded butcher. He killed for the pleasure of it; incited men to warfare, then gloated over the battlefield. He was accompanied by his sister, Eris, goddess of discord, and two sons- Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Terror). Terror was also the name of one of his chariot horses; the others were Fire, Flame, and Trouble. Only three gods were friendly to Ares: Aphrodite (aka Venus), who was fascinated by violence and and thought him handsome in a brutal kind of way; Eris (aka Discordia), his sister, who rode beside him in his war-chariot, shrieking; and Hades (aka Pluto) , god of the dead, whose kingdom was greatly enlarged by the wars that Ares started.

In "Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters", Ares is only seen talking to his daughter Clarisse La Rue on the ironclad CSS Birmingham. He orders his daughter not to fail the quest (and threatens her to make her do it), and get Percy Jackson and his friends out of the way. For this reason, Clarisse refuses to let Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson go, but they all escape when the ironclad explodes.

In "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", his voice can only be heard in some of the episodes he's in. During the Festival of Dionysus, Ares poisoned the new wine and controlled Marysa and the other virgins to kill King Iphicles so that his loyal servant, Prince Pentheus, could become king. He gathered a group of young boys led by Aurelius to become bloodthirsty warriors. To feed his dog, Graegus, Ares manipulated Daulin and Poena into fighting each other so that he can gather bodies of the fallen soldiers. He even took control over Jarton's body. After Darphus was killed, Ares brought him back to life to feed Graegus once again and rule the world. Hercules, with help of friends, including Iolaus, Xena, and Salmoneus, stopped Ares in each scheme.

Ares had often tried to make Hercules's life miserable as can be, especially when Hercules had married Ares' protege, Serena, the last Golden Hind. Ares told Hercules that he would release Serena from her vow of service to him, and allow her and Hercules to marry, if Hercules gave up his superhuman strength. Later, Ares' underling, Strife, killed Serena and he and Ares attempted to frame Hercules for her murder. He was saved by the intervention of Xena and Zeus.

Ares had sired a child with the now-mortal Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis. The child, Evander, was born with supernatural abilities. Ares wanted to take the boy from Nemesis and raise him to be loyal to him, hoping to use him as a weapon against Hercules. However, Hercules and Iolaus managed to foil his plan and return the child to his mother.

During Dahak's attack in Greece, Dahak tells his followers to kill the god who helped him out, that is, Ares. Hercules sends Morrigan and Nebula to protect Ares, because Ares dying allows Dahak to grow stronger. Morrigan and Nebula protect Ares, fighting white robed goons. Hercules talks to Dahak. Ares turns on Morrigan and Nebula, letting them be attacked, while he makes his way to the temple where Hercules is trying to exorcise Iolaus from Dahak's grasp. Ares gets his powers back, following the defeat of Dahak. Later Ares chases Hercules into the alternative realm. Hercules learns that Nebula is the evil empress in the parallel world. Ares and the Sovereign fight because Ares has hinds blood. Ares stabs the Sovereign with the hinds blood knife and kills him, giving Hercules pains Hercules free the gods, with Iolaus tagging along. Ares and Nebula do the nasty, courtesy of the parallel god of love. Ares finds Hercules in the maze, and they fight, and eventually Hercules escapes.

Hercules turns invisible and Ares tortures him, as part of a curse planned by Discord, Deimos and Ares.

Ares and Hercules briefly teamed up to stop the Archangel Michael from destroying the world by unleashing the Apocalypse.

Ares was back to plotting against Zeus, this time by releasing two of the Titans once imprisoned by the Gods, but Hercules and Iolaus stopped him again.

In "Xena: Warrior Princess", Ares framed Xena for murdering three villagers in the hope that she would call on him for help when threatened with execution. He also takes the shape of her long-lost father Atrius and nearly tricks her into attacking a village. However, these plans are thwarted by Xena and Gabrielle.

Ares joined forces with Xena's now-dead archenemy Callisto and engineered a body switch so that Callisto's soul occupied Xena's body while Xena was trapped in Tartarus. He seemed to be grooming Callisto-in-Xena's body to be his new Warrior Queen, and had sex with her, but later turned away from her, realizing that she was too madly obsessed with revenge against Xena and too uncontrollable. Xena, who had persuaded Hades to release her, was able to send Callisto back to Tartarus.

After losing his godhood due to Sisyphus' trickery, he needed Xena's help to get it back; Xena reluctantly agreed to help him after realizing that the world needed a God of War and Ares was the best man for the job. As a mortal, Ares showed a new humanity and conscience, but after getting his godhood back he seemed to revert to his former cold-hearted self.

Ares' relationship with Xena grew more complicated; he was still trying to win her back to the fold, but also tried to form an alliance with her to fight Dahak. Under threat from Dahak, Ares ended up briefly switching sides until Dahak was defeated by Xena.

Determined to protect his own power and the rule of the Olympian gods, Ares killed Eli, a Jesus-like prophet who urged the people to abandon the old gods. After the Fates prophesied that Xena's child Eve would bring about the end of the Olympian gods, Ares tried to declare his love for Xena, offering to protect her and her baby from the other gods and willingly become mortal if they could be together and have a child of their own. Ares offers to take Xena away but she declines. Xena rushes to stop the battle and surrenders her daughter. Just as Athena (aka Minerva) is about to kill Eve, Ares intercedes and begins to fight Athena. Xena takes on Ilainus and kills her while Gabrielle and the villagers force Athena's army to retreat. Athena disappears with Ilainus' body. With the battle over, Ares wishes to pick up where he left off with Xena. Xena rejected his offer, refusing to believe that his feelings could be sincere.

When Xena and Gabrielle faked their deaths to escape the gods' persecution, Ares inadvertently thwarted their plans by burying them in an ice cave where they slept for 25 years. After mourning Xena for years, Ares unknowingly took Eve (now the Roman warrior Livia) as his protege and lover. When Xena returned, he resumed his pursuit of her; enraged by her continuing rejection, he first encouraged Livia/Eve to kill her, and then joined the other Olympians in their effort to kill Eve. At the last minute, however, his love for Xena prevailed, and he gave up his godhood to heal the mortally wounded Gabrielle and Eve.

In "Justice League", Ares had Hephaestus build the Annihilator, a self-propelled battlesuit which fed off of human rage. He offered this suit to the hard-pressed Northern tribes, who gratefully accepted it to defend against an offensive from the South. However, Ares was outraged when he learned that the Northerners were content with staying on the defensive. He took on the guise of their leader, Nardoc (who he killed), and spurred them on to greater fighting. The Justice League thwarted his plan, and took control of the Annihilator. Ares withdrew, promising that he would be back.

In Disney's "Hercules", Ares goes to his brother Hephaestus to forge a weapon that would be powerful enough to destroy Athens. When Hercules goes to Sparta to steal the secret weapon for Athena, Ares recuits Hercules into the Spartan army. When Athena arrives to claim the weapon that her minon (Hercules) stole, Ares and Athena get into a fight until Hercules breaks the fight and throws the Armageddon Bow landing in the hands of Cupid (aka Eros), the god of Passion . Ares the hot headed god of war and father of the missing character Clarisse, head of the Ares cabin at Camp Half Blood. In the book he has a dislike for Percy, is actually being used by the evil titan who is responsible for the thieft of the lightning bolt. He has a great fight with Percy on a beach in California and Percy becomes his enemy as a result.

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