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William Carey (Character)
from The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

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The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
William Carey: [dancing] Are you happy?
Mary Boleyn: [smiling] I am.

Sir Thomas Boleyn: The king has secured for you a position in the queen's household
Mary Boleyn: But I don't want to go to court, nor does my husband
William Carey: The king has also offered me a position, as a gentleman of the Privy Council
Sir Thomas Boleyn: You hear that Mary? Privy Council, tending upon his Majesty himself
Mary Boleyn: What about our future in the country?
The Duke of Norfolk: Oh, you must put that out of your mind. From now on your future is at court.
Mary Boleyn: William please, don't you understand what this means? They'll seperate us, put me in different accommadation where the king can always find me
The Duke of Norfolk: Happily your husband understands the value of such an oppurtunity, for us all

[deleted scene]
William Carey: Have you christened the child?
Mary Boleyn: Henry.
William Carey: I see. And is he to take my name or is he to be a Fitzroyal or some other sign that he's a royal bastard?
Mary Boleyn: He is to be Henry Carey.
William Carey: [looking up at her] To think, all you needed to say was no.
William Carey: [begins weeping] Can you forgive me? Although I could never forgive myself.
[Mary takes his hand and he kisses it]