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Officer Dennis Booker (Character)
from "21 Jump Street" (1987)

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"21 Jump Street: Draw the Line (#4.1)" (1989)
Officer Dennis Booker: I see life like a street- you're walking down it and up ahead of you is a store where you're going to buy something. But between you and that purchase are all the rules coming up to you like some beggar hitting you up for all of your money. You feel bad for dodging them, but he stands between you and what you want, so you look away when he passes,or you cross the street.

"21 Jump Street: High High (#3.16)" (1989)
David: Save your preach, cop. I reject everything, man. And it's not because I'm unhappy or confused or afraid of reality. See, I can, I can, chew up the nastiest tastes reality has to dish out, man. And if reality serves me up some raw sewage, man - I'll, I'll slurp up a whole toilet-bowl full and call it ambrosia.
Officer Dennis Booker: You always had a way with words, Dave.