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Officer Harry Truman Ioki (Character)
from "21 Jump Street" (1987)

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"21 Jump Street: Bad Influence (#1.7)" (1987)
Officer Judy Hoffs: Hi, I'll catch you later, okay.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Hi.
Officer Judy Hoffs: What's up?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Listen, I got a date with Lauren for tomorrow night.
Officer Judy Hoffs: You still think she's a hooker?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I don't know. We didn't say very much.
Officer Judy Hoffs: Harry, come on, you've dealt with working girls before. Does she really strike you as one?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: That's it, I don't know yet. Besides what makes you sure that she isn't?
Officer Judy Hoffs: It's the same old story, Harry. A bunch of guys get together making up stuff. "She's hot. She can't get enough. She swings through chandeliers." And nobody ever stops to think about how it affects the girl.

Lauren Carlson: It's getting kind of hot in here, huh? You wanna get out of these clothes huh baby?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Don't you wanna talk about the price first?
Lauren Carlson: I don't think I can wait that long.

Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [to Lauren] Ah, Lauren, I just got the worst headache.

Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Okay.
Officer Judy Hoffs: Look, I'm sorry I've been acting like such a jerk. Let's just forget everything I said before, okay?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, it's forgotten.

"21 Jump Street: Besieged: Part 1 (#2.2)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: In two weeks, I'm gonna disappear!
Officer Doug Penhall: [to Hanson] Do you hear something?
Officer Tom Hanson: No. Do you?

Captain Adam Fuller: This Osbourne Ezikial Hubman. Sixteen years old. Found this morning in the parking lot of, shot six times in the chest. Sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes Five Sixty S.L.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Nice car.

Officer Judy Hoffs: All this trouble just to prove you exist. I could've told them!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I wish!

"21 Jump Street: Pilot (#1.1)" (1987)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: This is Jump Street Chapel, right?
Officer Doug Penhall: Only if you're Catholic. Ioki, here, thinks it's a Buddhist temple. Me? I think it's a synagogue. You know, my Mom's Jewish, which only means I get to celebrate both guilt and Hell.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, you see, his father used to be a priest, so don't play bingo with this guy. He's a killer.

Officer Harry Truman Ioki: H.T. Ioki.
Officer Doug Penhall: H for Harry, T for Truman. Guess what year his parents moved to the States?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, and I'm named after a guy who dropped an atom bomb on my house.

Charlie: [after a car chase] Okay buster, get your hands were I can see them and freeze!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Wait a minute, don't shoot! I'm a cop!
Charlie: Says who?
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Says me.
Charlie: [to Tom Hanson] Hanson. I should have known. I didn't recognize you without the bandage on your partner's nose.

"21 Jump Street: Gotta Finish the Riff (#1.6)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: Look, without Jenko this thing's gonna be nothing but Charlie's Angels.
Captain Briody: Do you want to give me a break, Hanson, or do you want to get back to that desk at headquarters?
Officer Tom Hanson: What I want is for the mayor to realize he just can't plug some new guy into a program like this. I mean, who's gonna run it? You?
Captain Briody: I don't have the wardrobe. Adam Fuller. The guy's a Captain, transferred out of the sixteenth precinct. Before that he was N.Y.P.D., spent eleven years undercover.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, probably going to tell us he was in Sirpicles graduating class.
Captain Briody: Look, you guys don't have to like this, but you're signed on for professional police officers, and I expect you to act like it.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Look, Captain, with all due respect, but there is no way anyone is gonna take Jenko's place.
Captain Adam Fuller: I have no intentions of taking Jenko's place.

Captain Adam Fuller: Alright, can you see the heating unit?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yes, I see it.

"21 Jump Street: The Worst Night of Your Life (#1.5)" (1987)
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Hey, Penhall, did you go to your prom?
Off. Doug Penhall: What is that a trick question? Hanson, I went to my first prom when I was eleven.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Well, I never went to mine. I guess when I was in high school, I never believed it was the last time I was gonna be there.
Off. Doug Penhall: Ioki, what do you think we do all day?

Off. Doug Penhall: Hanson, Hanson, Hanson. I'm trying to save your life here, but you're going to have to give me a little help. Bowling? I once knew a kid who's father was a bowler. He ran away from home. He was three. His mother helped him!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Listen, Penhall, maybe there's still time. You know, maybe Thomas here isn't any good.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: You want to know what my handicap is?
Off. Doug Penhall: Yeah, bowling!

"21 Jump Street: Higher Education (#2.6)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [referring on Blowfish's role at Jump Street] You ever wonder what he really does around here?
Officer Tom Hanson: He's a janitor.

Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [Entering the locker room] Hold it! Hold it! HOLD IT!
[Ioki takes the bat away from Donald Prentiss, and shoves him]
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: THAT'S ENOUGH! I'M A POLICE OFFICER!
[to Sayles]
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Do you want to make a confession to the rape of Joy Prentiss? DO YOU?
Brent Sayles: I most certainly do not!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [Ioki hands the bat back to Donald] Always keep the label facing up or you're gonna break the bat.
Brent Sayles: You said you were a police officer!
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah? Well right now I'm a batting coach.

"21 Jump Street: America, What a Town (#1.2)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Let's say we take a break.
Nadia: Sure. Are you hungry?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, yeah. I'm real hungry.
Officer Judy Hoffs: That's a good idea. Why don't we head to the confection stand?
[Nadia walks off]
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [to Judy] She's amazing. I mean, I am forever in your debt.

"21 Jump Street: Don't Pet the Teacher (#1.3)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: [playing baseball] Good eye, Harry. Wait for your pitch.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Hey, you guys may have invented the game, but we perfected it.
Officer Doug Penhall: Yeah, sushi and baseball both, right?

"21 Jump Street: Besieged: Part 2 (#2.3)" (1987)
Officer Tom Hanson: Death benefits?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: No, according to the computer now I'm dead, but it pays more. What do you think?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I think I'm going to cash it.
Officer Tom Hanson: Ioki, if you're dead, how can you cash the check?
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: I've got two forms of I.D.

"21 Jump Street: Chapel of Love (#2.14)" (1988)
Off. Tom Hanson #2, Officer Harry Truman Ioki, Sal "Blowfish" Banducci: [simultaneously] Don't go in the bar, Penhall!

"21 Jump Street: Honor Bound (#2.8)" (1987)
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: [going in as a gay decoy] What should I wear?
Captain Adam Fuller: What you have on.
Officer Judy Hoffs: Ioki, gays don't have their own separate dress code.