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Lt. James Brody (Character)
from "SeaQuest 2032" (1993)

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"SeaQuest 2032: Sympathy for the Deep (#2.3)" (1994)
Alien: You give us hope Lucas. Come with us. Help us build a new life.
Lucas: C- Captain?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I can't make that call... if anything I'm envious. The selfish part of me wants you to stay Lucas... but whether your work is with us or with your new friends... That's for you to decide.
Brody: Soak it up Junior, it's not every day that you get your butt kissed by two planets.
Lucas: I'm flattered. But, um, this is where my home is. With my friends. Maybe someday you'll come back for me?
Alien: We will come back.
[hugs Lucas]