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Captain Nathan Bridger (Character)
from "SeaQuest 2032" (1993)

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"SeaQuest 2032: To Be or Not to Be (#1.0)" (1993)
Capt. Nathan Bridger: The 21st century. Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth: the ocean. As captain of the SeaQuest and its crew, we are it's guardians, for beneath the surface lies the future.

Dr. Kristin Westphalen: You're going to fire him out of a torpedo tube?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Noooo, he's going to *swim* out of a torpedo tube.
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: [pause] I still don't like it.

Capt. Nathan Bridger: I want this boat stopped, right now!
Commander Jonathan Ford: That's impossible, sir. Once we break port, we're commited to the Channel. This isn't exactly a rowboat.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I know what it is, Commander, I designed the damned thing.
Commander Jonathan Ford: If the Captain would like, I could arrange to have a launch craft shuttle you back to Pearl once we hit open water.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: The Captain would like!
Commander Jonathan Ford: Yes, sir.

Dr. Kristin Westphalen: We'll need precise specifications of the venting cap assembly.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: [taps her on the shoulder] I think we need a troubleshooter.
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: A what?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I don't think what's happening on this boat is an accident. I think we need someone to go down into the guts of her computers and look around a bit.

Capt. Nathan Bridger: I'm disappointed in you, Marilyn. Four torpedo's fired and only two hits. I thought I tought you better than that.
Capt. Marilyn Stark: [on viewscreen] I'll do better next time. I promise.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: There won't be a next time, we both know that. Too many innocent people have died already.
Capt. Marilyn Stark: [on viewscreen] What world are you living in, Nathan? There are no innocent people. Everybody's guilty of something.

"SeaQuest 2032: Whale Song (#1.15)" (1994)
Captain Nathan Bridger: There's been a submarine in the north seas seeking whaling ships. They want me to hunt it down and destroy it, but I can't do that, I can't takes sides on this issue.
Lucas Wolenczak: But in this case, aren't the means justified by the end?
Captain Nathan Bridger: Machiavelli said that and wund up in prison.

Maximillian Scully: We're both on the same side and look what they've done to us.
Captain Nathan Bridger: This one is all yours. And what you're doing is all wrong.

Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Cheeseburger, sir.
Captain Nathan Bridger: A real cheeseburger?
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Just like my dad used to make 'em.
Captain Nathan Bridger: Lieutenant, those are illegal.
[pointing at the cheeseburger]
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Still?
Captain Nathan Bridger: Still.
[putting his hand out for the cheeseburger]
Captain Nathan Bridger: Sorry.
[Bridger leaves Krieg's quaters, and stop short of throwing the cheeseburger into the refuse slot, takes a couple bites, then tosses it]

"SeaQuest 2032: Treasures of the Tonga Trench (#1.4)" (1993)
Captain Nathan Bridger: [standing at the door to Kreig's quarters] I'm sure everybody got a little out of hand, but you were the one who got the ball rolling, and as an officer you should have known better.
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Your'e right, I apologize.
[cleaning up fish poop]
Captain Nathan Bridger: All the same, you're confined to quarters.
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Okay, not a problem, I'll just finish my cleaning...
Captain Nathan Bridger: No, no, no, no. No cleaning. You're confined to quarters as of now.
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: But, sir, didn't you hear? I mean, ah... can't you smell?
Captain Nathan Bridger: Yes, I can. Twenty-four hours, Lieutenant. Twenty-four hours.
[closes the door of Krieg's quarters]

Capt. Nathan Bridger: What's, ah, your determination?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: I went through the data from the probe and it doesn't have the tentacles of a squid. It is, however, related to Mr. Krieg's glowing rocks.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Oh?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Um, the creature's bioluminescent, well, we saw that, but it must also have a very steady diet of bioluminscent fish because, ah, Krieg's gold is, um... fecal pellets.
Lt. Benjamin Krieg: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that the orbs are...
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Yes, Mr. Krieg: Fish poop.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Glowing fish poop.
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Oh, only for 48 hours, then the bacteria that was glowing will have died, leaving Krieg with simply...
Lucas: Fish poop.

"SeaQuest 2032: Sympathy for the Deep (#2.3)" (1994)
Alien: You give us hope Lucas. Come with us. Help us build a new life.
Lucas: C- Captain?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I can't make that call... if anything I'm envious. The selfish part of me wants you to stay Lucas... but whether your work is with us or with your new friends... That's for you to decide.
Brody: Soak it up Junior, it's not every day that you get your butt kissed by two planets.
Lucas: I'm flattered. But, um, this is where my home is. With my friends. Maybe someday you'll come back for me?
Alien: We will come back.
[hugs Lucas]

Capt. Nathan Bridger: Where were you?
Lucas: Oh, I've, been around.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Wait... Darwin's infection is gone. Dr Smith said that would take 48 hours to clear up.
Lucas: Well, uh...
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Something you're not telling me?
Lucas: No! No, I wouldn't keep anything from you...

"SeaQuest 2032: Give Me Liberte (#1.6)" (1993)
Capt. Nathan Bridger: They're Here?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: The bodies arrived 10 minutes ago.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: All right, what do we know so far?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: So far? 3 males, 3 females, all dead, so far.

Capt. Nathan Bridger: Where's doctor Péché?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Does it matter?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: What does that mean?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: I'm sorry; He left. He seems keener on drinking than thinking these days.

"SeaQuest 2032: Games (#1.3)" (1993)
Captain Nathan Bridger: Let me try and explain it to you: there are two kind of people in this world who make me crazy: those who take advantage of people, and those who watch, and then turn around.

"SeaQuest 2032: Knight of Shadows (#1.7)" (1993)
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Well?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Well...!
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Yes?
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: You were either hit by a small german sports car or you encountered a professional wrestler in the last 24 hours.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: I was hurled across my room by an apparition.
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: OR! you fell out of bed.

"SeaQuest 2032: The Regulator (#1.9)" (1993)
Captain Nathan Bridger: Failure is no stranger in this room.

"SeaQuest 2032: Such Great Patience (#1.20)" (1994)
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Pensive?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Reflective.
Dr. Kristin Westphalen: Captain reflective, scientist reflective or explorer reflective?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Little boy reflective.

"SeaQuest 2032: Daggers (#2.1)" (1994)
Capt. Nathan Bridger: [observes Lucas kissing a girl] Very nice. Very, very nice.
Lucas: Captain... hi. I, uh, I was just waiting around here for you and then I met Cindy. Cindy this is my captain. Captain Bridger.
Cindy: A captain...
Lucas: Yeah, and I'm gonna be one too, some day, so relax. How have you been, sir?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Apparently not as well as you... You know we're shipping out at dawn.
Lucas: Yeah, I know. That's why I've been hanging around here for ya.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Don't hang around for me, I'm ready to go. Have you packed?
Lucas: Not exactly...
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Come on, get on. We're going to get your gear.
Lucas: [walks up to the motorcycle and leans in] I like the beard, sir.
Capt. Nathan Bridger: And I love the earring. But it's not regulation.
Lucas: [touches the earring and gets up on the motorcycle behind the captain] Did you wait for me?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Absolutely.
Lucas: Really?
Capt. Nathan Bridger: Absolutely.