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Mac Ramsey (Character)
from "Once a Thief" (1996)

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Once a Thief (1996) (TV)
[a gun is pointed at Li Ann]
Li Ann: Tell him to put it away or I'll make him swallow it.
Mac: I've seen her like this, you're gonna swallow it!

Mac: Oh tell me you're not the doctor.
The Director: Worse. I'm The Director.

Mac: Yeah, people call me Mac.
The Director: People will call you DEAD if you interrupt me again

Mac: Now my life is run by a twisted leather freak!
The Director: Twisted? Yes. Freak? That's a little strong.

Victor: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Mac: I've seen it in a movie once.

[after Li Ann jumped over infrared lights]
Mac: Well, 9.9 points from the judges.
Li Ann: Why 9.9?
Mac: One of the judges is from East Germany.
Li Ann: East Germany doesn't exist anymore.
Mac: Well, is that why he is so pissed?