Torchy Blane
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Torchy Blane (Character)
from Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite (1939)

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Smart Blonde (1937)
Torchy Blane: [Referring to Steve] Big stiff!
Dixie - Hatcheck Girl: Ain't he masterful?
Torchy Blane: Yeah, all he needs is a leopard skin.

Steve McBride: [as Torchy tries to get out of the car to go with Steve] No! You wait here!
Torchy Blane: Oh, but I want to go with you!
Steve McBride: This rat hole is no place for a woman!
Torchy Blane: But I'm a newspaperman!
Steve McBride: Just sit quiet and maybe no one will notice.

Torchy Blane: [Trying to into the crime scene room] You don't understand. I'm Torchy Blane!
Policeman Guarding Room: I don't care if you're flaming youth!

Torchy Blane: Maybe he's like Fitz - he thinks a woman's a wonderful thing.
Steve McBride: Nah, he couldn't be that dumb!

The Adventurous Blonde (1937)
Lieutenant Steve 'Stevie' MacBride: Hammond's been murdered!
Torchy Blane: [Sarcastically] No? I thought he was lying in front of that fireplace to keep warm!

Lieutenant Steve 'Stevie' MacBride: [Exasperated] I never know what you're gonna do next.
Torchy Blane: Wait'll we get married!

Torchy Blane: [to Steve] It won't do, my little man. You're the guy who switched fireside to homicide. Now you're goig to stick until Hammond's murderer is caught!

Lieutenant Steve 'Stevie' MacBride: I'll be busy on the case for the next 48 hours.
Torchy Blane: Oh, no, no, no! Wedding bells and mysteries don't mix. When we start our honeymoon, the mystery's gonna be over.

Blondes at Work (1938)
Torchy Blane: [Upset that she's getting a parking ticket] You must be new on the force. I'm Torchy Blane of The Sun.
Police Officer Regan: I don't care if you're an eclipse of the sun.

Lt. Steve McBride: If you keep getting me into jams like this, you'll cook my goose!
Torchy Blane: [laughs] Swell! We'll fatten it up and have it for dinner.

Detective Ed Healy: Did you know Mr. Craig very well?
Torchy Blane: Not well enough to stab him.

Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939)
Det. Lt. Steve 'Mac' McBride: Let's go into the other room so I can think.
Torchy Blane: With what?

Torchy Blane: [to Steve] Wnat are you, a mouse or a detective.

Torchy Gets Her Man (1938)
Torchy Blane: I think I'll have a snoop instead of a steak.

Gahagan: [about his betting system] Okay, I'll tell it to you, but yuh gotta keep mum.
Torchy Blane: I'll be very secree-tive.
Gahagan: I don't care about that, but yuh gotta keep it mum.

Torchy Blane in Panama (1938)
Cop: Hold it. You can't go in there, lady. There's been a hold-up and a murder.
Torchy Blane: You're wrong, boys. Hold-ups and murder are my meat. Here's the open sesame that swings wide all portals - my press pass. Torchy Blane of the Star.

Torchy Blane: Gahagan, lead me to Steve.
Detective Gahagan: Oh, Torchy, this is moider!
Torchy Blane: No, just a little quiet mayhem.

Fly Away Baby (1937)
Lt. Steve 'Skipper' McBride: Why don't you stop trying to be a detective?
Torchy Blane: [Sassily] Why don't you start?

Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite (1939)
'Jackie' McGuire: [Referring to their prison] Hey, kid, how'd you like to get outta here?
Torchy Blane: [Sarcastically] The only reason I'm staying is a couple hundred iron bars and a few guards.

Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939)
Torchy Blane: You think they might tie a can to you, Steve?
Steve McBride: Why certainly, they might. Awh, it's not just myself I'm thinkin' about. I've gotta consider which side our bread is buttered on - yours as well as mine.
Torchy Blane: Oh, no, you don't, now. Not OUR bread, not until the rice begins to fly. Until then, I have my own slice to butter.