King Hubert
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King Hubert (Character)
from Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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Sleeping Beauty (1959)
King Hubert: Nowadays I'm still the king! And I command you to come to your senses!
Prince Phillip: [mounting his horse] And marry the girl I love.
King Hubert: Exactly!
Prince Phillip: [riding off] Goodbye, father!
King Hubert: Goodbye, father. Marry the girl you... No, no! No, no, Phillip! Stop! Come back!

King Hubert: Stefan, there's - there's something important I have to tell you.
King Stefan: Eh, but not now, Hubert.
King Hubert: But, but it's uh, about Phillip.
King Stefan: Phillip? Oh, yes, of course, Phillip. Why, where is the boy?
King Hubert: That's what I'm trying to tell you.
King Stefan: Well, send for him immediately!
King Hubert: But...
King Stefan: Shhh!
[fanfare plays]
Herald: The sun has set! Make ready to welcome your princess!

King Hubert: [fighting with Stefan] I'm not so sure my grandchildren want you for a grandfather!

King Hubert: The plans!
[Servant presents King Stefan with blueprints]
King Hubert: Well, what do you think? Nothing elaborate, of course. Forty bedrooms, dining hall... honeymoon cottage, really.
King Stefan: You - you mean you're building it already?
King Hubert: Built, man! Finished! Lovebirds can move in tomorrow.
King Stefan: Tomorrow? But Hubert, they're not even married yet.
King Hubert: Ha ha, we'll take care of that tonight. To the wedding!
King Stefan: Now, hold on, Hubert. I haven't even *seen* my daughter yet, and you're taking her away from me?
King Hubert: Getting my Phillip, aren't you?
King Stefan: Yes, but...
King Hubert: Want to see our grandchildren, don't we?
King Stefan: Of course, but uh...
King Hubert: Well, there's no time to lose. Getting on in years, ha ha ha. To the wedding!

King Hubert: To the wedding!
King Stefan: Now, be reasonable, Hubert. After all, Aurora knows nothing about all this.
King Hubert: Well?
King Stefan: Well, it may come as quite a shock.
King Hubert: [Spits out his wine] Shock? My Phillip a shock? What's wrong with my Phillip?
King Stefan: Nothing, Hubert. I only meant...
King Hubert: Why doesn't your daughter like my son?
King Stefan: Now, now...
King Hubert: I'm not so sure my son likes your daughter!
King Stefan: Now, see here...
King Hubert: I'm not so sure my grandchildren want you for a grandfather!
King Stefan: Why you, you, unreasonable, pompous, blustering old windbag!
King Hubert: Unreasonable, pompous... En garde, sir!
[Reaches for his sword, but grabs a fish by mistake]
King Stefan: I warn you, Hubert. This means war!
King Hubert: [Fighting] Forward! For honor! For country! For...
[Realizes he's fighting with a fish; they both start laughing]
King Hubert: What's this all about, anyway?
King Stefan: Nothing, Hubert. Absolutely nothing.
King Hubert: Those children are bound to fall in love with each other!
King Stefan: Precisely. And as for grandchildren, I'll have the royal woodcarvers start work on the cradle tomorrow.
King Hubert: Splendid! King-sized, of course.
King Stefan: Certainly! To the Woodcarvers' Guild!