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Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich (Character)
from Metal Gear Solid (1998) (VG)

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) (VG)
Solid Snake: Otacon! What's this lizard thing?
Otacon: That's a Yoshi. It's a dinosaur from Yoshi's island. Watch out for it long chameleon-like tongue. If it gets you, you'll be swollowed whole.
Solid Snake: It lays eggs and throws them, right?... then it must be female.
Otacon: ...actually it's a "he." At least, that's what it says.
Solid Snake: It talks?
Otacon: Yes! It talks! Well kind of...
Solid Snake: Now you've got me curious... how about I capture one so we can see what it tastes like?
Otacon: Uhh, Snake...

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a gorilla wearing a tie here. He's huge.
Otacon: That's Donkey Kong. As you can tell, he's got strength to spare. He may be king of the jungle, but he lives in a house just like you or me. And he seems pretty smart - well, for an ape, anyway. The Donkey Kong who fought that epic battle with Mario was this guy's grandfather.
Solid Snake: That was a long time ago. What about this Donkey Kong? Does he get along with Mario?
Otacon: Nope, they're still at it. Seems like they're still always competing in something - kart racing, sports, you name it.
Solid Snake: A chip off the old block...

Solid Snake: Hey, that's Captain Falcon, isn't it?
Otacon: Good eye, Snake! He's F-Zero Pilot Number 07!
Solid Snake: You know... seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... we should do that thing we've always wanted to try!
Otacon: Ohhh, yeah! That thing! Good idea! Ok, ready? Go!
Solid Snake: Falcooon PUNCH!
Otacon: Falcon Kiiiiick!

Otacon: Snake! Watch out!
Solid Snake: For what? That pink marshmallow?
Otacon: That's Kirby, also known as "Kirby from Dream Land." He's from another planet - in other words, an extraterrestrial.
Otacon: He's got a powerful stomach that lets him swallow and digest anything, and he also has a "Copy Ability" that allows him to mimic opponents, steal their moves, and use those moves against them!
Otacon: On top of that, he has the power to fly around the stage, so once he's got you in his sights, there's no place to run!
Solid Snake: [distracted] ... Huh? Yeah, got it. I'll... keep an eye out.

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a guy walking around in here... and he's only got two dimensions!
Otacon: That's Mr. Game & Watch. He comes from a world where everything is flat. Game & Watch was a series of portable games released by Nintendo in 1980.
Otacon: They were powered by large-scale integrated circuits and only had monochrome LCD displays, so characters kind of looked like the numbers on a calculator.
Otacon: The guy you're looking at now, Mr. Game & Watch, was a character who appeared in these games.
Solid Snake: ...This is making my head hurt.
Otacon: Well, um... He's... I mean... Look, just start fighting him, and I'm sure everything will make sense.

Solid Snake: Otacon, who's the guy with the sword?
Otacon: That's Link. He's the hero of Hyrule. That blade in his hand is called the Master Sword, also known as the "Blade of Evil's Bane."
Otacon: He also has a whole arsenal of items at his disposal - bombs and arrows, a shield, a boomerang, and a Clawshot. He's a force to be reckoned with.
Solid Snake: Gear is only useful when it's used at the right time and place. Just lugging a ton of it around doesn't do you any good.
Otacon: ...I, uh... I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Snake...
Solid Snake: What's that supposed to mean?
Otacon: You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt.
Solid Snake: [grumbles] ...

Solid Snake: Hey, Otacon. I got a woman here in a power suit.
Otacon: Huh? How'd you know she was a woman? Yeah, that'd be Samus Aran, the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy.
Otacon: Her arm cannon packs quite a wallop. If you get hit with a charged shot from that thing, you can kiss your butt good-bye.
Solid Snake: Hmm... sounds like my kind of woman...
Otacon: Yeah, well, just don't get too close, Snake. Samus is deadly. After space pirates killed her parents, she was raised by the Chozo and trained in the fighting arts.
Otacon: She's been places and seen things that people like you and me can't even begin to imagine.
Solid Snake: But underneath that cold, metal exterior beats the heart of a woman...

Solid Snake: Otacon, there's a chimpanzee here wearing a Nintendo hat.
Otacon: That's Diddy Kong. He's Donkey Kong's partner. Not only is he lightweight, he can use a wide range of weapons as well.
Otacon: He can fly using those barrel jets on his back, and he can shoot nuts with his Peanut Popgun.
Solid Snake: Peanuts? As in the ones in the little shells? Are you serious?
Otacon: Wait, here's the best part. You see them lying on the ground after he shoots?
Otacon: If you pick up some of those peanuts, they'll restore your health a little.
Solid Snake: Hmm... edible ammunition, huh? Times sure have changed...

Solid Snake: This guy is giving off a murderous vibe! Even getting close to him makes my skin crawl...
Otacon: Snake! Ganondorf is dangerous! His ambition is to rule the world, and he's got the power to do it.
Otacon: It's no wonder they call him "King of Evil."
Solid Snake: Do modern weapons even work against him? Do I even have a chance?
Otacon: Take a look around you! There are plenty of people fighting with swords, or even their bare hands! At least you've got firepower, count yourself lucky! It's not like you to whine, Snake.
Solid Snake: I was just *asking*, sheesh. Well, it's back to the mission for me...

Otacon: Snake, what is it?
Solid Snake: Something about that hedgehog rubs me the wrong way...
Otacon: Oh, you mean Sonic the Hedgehog? But everyone loves Sonic. He's a big star. Do you have any idea how excited people are that he's here in Brawl?
Solid Snake: Yeah, yeah, I know, but there's something about him I just don't like.
Otacon: But why? You must have some kind of reason.
Solid Snake: Nope, just don't like him.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008) (VG)
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Welcome home... Wolf.

Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: [codec call] Hold it, Snake. Time to change the disc. I know. I know. It's a pain. But you need to swap disc 1 for disc 2. You see the disc labeled 2?
Solid Snake: Uhh... No.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh? Oh, wait! We're on Playstation 3! It's a Blu-Ray Disc. Dual-layered, too. No need to swap.
Solid Snake: Damnit, Otacon! Get a grip!
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Yeah, what an age we live in, huh, Snake? Wonder what they'll think of next.

Solid Snake: [codec call] Otacon, what's wrong? Why are you calling me over there?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh? What are you talking about? I didn't say anything!
Solid Snake: It was you!
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: I told you I didn't call you! This is no time for jokes! You're suppose to fighting Octopus, come on!
Solid Snake: I... Hey! Otacon...

Solid Snake: [codec call to Otacon, inside the trash]
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Snake, where are you now?
Solid Snake: Trash can.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: A trash can?
Solid Snake: Looks like this is where they dump their household trash.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Huh. How can you tell?
Solid Snake: Cause it's stinks in here... Bad. Leftovers for last dinner, probably.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ewww, leftovers...
Solid Snake: And there's some... bugs crawling around on my face.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ewww...
Solid Snake: It feels like roaches. There's a whole bunch of them scurrying around.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: [feels disgusted] Ugh! Make sure you get the smell of them off you before coming back here!
Solid Snake: Yep. I'll see what I can do.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ugh... seriously. Doesn't it make you sick?
Solid Snake: I'd crawl into a toilet if it kept me out of sight. Something crawling my leg...
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Ughhh... I can't even imagine! Ewww! You know, you might want to get out of there as soon as the coast is clear!
Solid Snake: Yeah... not a best place for a nap.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: No kidding...

Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Hey Snake, something I've been meaning to ask you. That canyon... Isn't that where you demolished Raven's tank? How'd you do it, anyway?
Solid Snake: How? Well... Grenades.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: That's it? You didn't use an anti-tank missile or something?
Solid Snake: Didn't have one.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Your technique is kind of... how do I put this... archaic when it comes to fighting tanks. Honestly, I don't think it'd work on today's main battle tanks.
Solid Snake: Well, that's how I did it. What do you want me to say?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: You know, I asked an active-duty Army officer once: If an infantryman had to take on a tank one-on-one, how should he do it?
Solid Snake: And what was his answer?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: "Don't." He swore there's no way in hell a single infantryman could take down a tank by himself.
Solid Snake: Interesting.
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: I always suspected there was a little something crazy about you, Snake. But after hearing that story... Now I know it. You're nuts! Single-handedly taking out a tank? That's crazy! You're insane!
Solid Snake: Otacon, is this your idea of a compliment?
Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Yes! You're the toughest, craziest, most hardcore badass on the planet! You're... the shit!

[from trailer]
Otacon: Hey Snake, it's me.
Solid Snake: Who?
Otacon: [Otacon's face appears on the robot] Snake, it's me.
Solid Snake: Otacon?
Otacon: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm here to help you from here on out.
Solid Snake: Where are you now?
Otacon: Out of harm's way.
Solid Snake: Is that remote control?
Otacon: Yup. And this mechanism is equipped with a Cell Processor.
[the robot starts dancing]
Solid Snake: [Snake looks out the window] Otacon, we're surrounded.
Otacon: Any ideas?
Solid Snake: Can you lend me a hand?
Otacon: Not at the moment... Snake, you'd better get moving.
[the robot gives Snake bullets]
Solid Snake: OK. I'll take what I can get.
[Snake gets up and leaves]
Solid Snake: You coming?
Otacon: Of course. I'll be behind you all the way.
Otacon: [after Otacon spots a cigarette in Snake's mouth] Uhh, Snake?
Solid Snake: What now?
Otacon: Didn't you quit?
Solid Snake: Nah, just found a light.
Otacon: Even in the middle of a battlefield...
Solid Snake: Go!

Otacon: Look.
Solid Snake: It's Naomi.
Otacon: ...And Vamp!
Solid Snake: The Beauty and the Beast...

Otacon: Enough is enough, Snake! How can you calling yourself a man, hurting a woman like that!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001) (VG)
[Solid Snake hides in a locker]
Solid Snake: This reminds me of when we first met.
Otacon: I was the one inside the locker that time. We're equal now, huh?
Solid Snake: Not unless I wet my pants.
Otacon: That's a low blow, Snake.

Otacon: Another Chinese proverb: "Those who look to the Heavens prosper, those who defy it are no more." Do you know this one? The meaning here is - hold on a sec - that you can only survive as long as you're a part of the natural order of things. You remember pre-ripped jeans? Manufacturers thought that just because people loved old, broken-in jeans, they would want to buy new jeans that looked old. So they purposefully...
Solid Snake: What do jeans have to do with nature and order?

Otacon: What are you doing? How can you shoot someone who's unconscious? What are you, some kind of monster?

Otacon: As for the equipment... Hey! Snake! Cigarettes? What's wrong with you?
Solid Snake: It's kind of a lucky charm.

Otacon: Raiden? About this Colonel of yours - I found out where he is.
Raiden: Where?
Otacon: Inside Arsenal.
Raiden: What?
Otacon: I've checked out all the possibilities, but I keep coming back to Arsenal. It isn't a relay point, it's the origin of the signal. And the encryption protocol it uses is exactly the same as that of Arsenal's AI - the so-called GW.
Raiden: What the hell does this mean?
Otacon: I think it means - you've been talking to an AI.
Raiden: That's impossible!
Otacon: The Colonel probably isn't GW per se. GW was most likely stimulating cortical activity in the dormant part of your brain through signal manipulation of your own nanomachines. The Colonel is in part your own creation, cobbled together from expectations and experience.
Raiden: That's crazy!
Otacon: But it's probably the truth. The virus may be starting to affect GW, which would explain the Colonel's behavior.
Raiden: It was all - an illusion? Everything I've done so far...?
Solid Snake: Raiden!
Raiden: Snake - what's happening around here?
Solid Snake: I don't know. What I do know is that you're standing right here in front of me. Not an illusion - flesh and blood. It's your call. You can drop this if you want.
Raiden: No, I can't do that. Let's go!

Solid Snake: This is Snake. Do you read me, Otacon?
Otacon: Loud and clear, Snake.
Solid Snake: Kept you waiting, huh? I'm at the sneak-point.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (2004) (VG)
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: The truth is, my grandfather was part of the Manhattan Project. He suffered with the guilt for the rest of his life. And my father, he was born on August 6, 1945.
Solid Snake: The day of the Hiroshima Bomb. God's got a sense of humor all right.

Solid Snake: A disguise?
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: She had such a cute way of walking. She kind of wiggles her behind.
Solid Snake: You were really looking.
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: Well, she's got a very cute behind.
Solid Snake: Way of walking, huh?

Solid Snake: What's Metal Gear really designed for?
Dr. Hal 'Otacon' Emmerich: It's a mobile TMD. It's designed to shoot down nuclear missiles - only for defensive purposes, of course.
Solid Snake: Liar! I already know Metal Gear is nothing more than a nuclear-equipped, walking death-mobile!