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Gharman (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks: Part Six (#12.16)" (1975)
Davros: This is your last chance. Move to join me now, or suffer the consequences.
Gharman: Why don't you just accept the fact that you have lost, it's over for you, Davros!
Davros: Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work be ended by the will of spineless fools like you? You have won nothing. I allowed this charade to be played out for one reason only. To find those men who were truly loyal to me and to discover those who would betray me! WE... I WILL GO ON!
Gharman: You are insane, Davros!

"Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks: Part Five (#12.15)" (1975)
Davros: I have made my decision. I accept your ultimatum. On one condition.
Gharman: Go on.
Davros: That you allow me to speak to a full meeting of the Elite, both scientific and military. Anyone you elect may speak against me. When this is done, a vote will be taken. I will abide by the decision of the majority.
Gharman: You already know the decision of the majority, you will lose, Davros.
Davros: With such confidence, you can hardly deny my request. It was you who introduced the word democracy.
[Gharman confers with the other scientists for a moment]
Gharman: Very well, it's agreed.
Davros: The meeting will take place in one hour from now. Arrange it. You may go.
[they leave]
Davros: Ours is the victory, Nyder. We have won! They talk of democracy, freedom, fairness. Those are the creeds of cowards. The ones who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power, and power through strength. They have lost!

"Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks: Part One (#12.11)" (1975)
Gharman: Ready, Davros.
Davros: Observe the test closely, my friend. This will be a moment that will live in history.
[he flicks a switch. The Dalek is activated. Slowly, it starts to move]
Davros: Halt. Turn right. Halt. Now, exterminate.
[the Dalek fires at the targets]
Davros: Perfect. The weaponry is perfect. Now, we can begin...