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Quotes for
Kirby (Character)
from "Frasier" (1993)

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"Frasier: A Passing Fancy (#8.22)" (2001)
Dr. Frasier Crane: Kirby! Did you do any reading this week?
Kirby: Sort of.
Dr. Frasier Crane: What does "sort of" mean?
Kirby: No.
Dr. Frasier Crane: Right. Why not?
Kirby: 'Cause it's a bunch of junk I'm never gonna need to know.
Dr. Frasier Crane: Yes, Kirby, this "junk", as you call it, may seem unimportant to you now, but knowing something about where we came from may help you to decide where you wish to go. Now, let's start learning about history, lest you be condemned to repeat it.
[He slides the book over to Kirby]
Kirby: Continue reading until your mother gets here.

"Frasier: Sharing Kirby (#9.9)" (2001)
[Frasier is examining Kirby's resumé]
Kirby: I fudged a little bit on my job history.
Dr. Frasier Crane: [unsurprised] So, you never actually worked at NASA.
Kirby: Or Burger King!