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Frank Lambert (Character)
from "Step by Step" (1991)

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"Step by Step: Trading Places (#3.5)" (1993)
Frank Lambert: I guess I better turn in too, I got a big day of watching football tomorrow.
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: And mowing the lawn.
Frank Lambert: I'll mow the lawn.
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: And washing the cars.
Frank Lambert: I'll wash the cars.
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: And doing your Algebra homework.
Frank Lambert: Excuse me?
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: Well you're me, remember? You've got a take-home test in Algebra and you better do well, because I hear you're flunking.

Dana Foster: How am I supposed to get to the library?
Carol Foster Lambert: What's the matter, are your legs broken? Walk.
Dana Foster: Walk? It's almost a mile!
Frank Lambert: Wow, a mile, better hitch up the camels.

John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: Son, you know when you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.
Frank Lambert: Come on, J.T., give me a break, I've been out of school for 20 years, I can't do this stuff.
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: Well then we'll just have to get you a tutor.
Frank Lambert: And where are you going to find a tutor on Sunday?
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: [calls up the stairs] MARK!
Frank Lambert: Oh no, you can't lock me in a room with Mr. Wizard and an Algebra book.
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert: Sure I can, I'm the dad, remember?

Frank Lambert: I hate your son!
Carol Foster Lambert: [coming in disheveled] I hate my daughter!
Frank Lambert: What happened to you?
Carol Foster Lambert: Dana made me walk to the mall, do you know how far that is?
Frank Lambert: No and I don't know what time TRAIN A gets there either!

"Step by Step: Snow Bunnies (#5.15)" (1996)
Frank Lambert: [to Carol] If you're going to read, I'm going to read too, where's my Garfield book?

Narrator: Die, Mommy Die, Chapter One. She was a normal housewife, living in what she thought was a safe little town. Little did she know that a deadly evil was lurking by her front door.
Carol Foster Lambert: Uh Frank, would you mind going downstairs and making sure the front door is locked?
Frank Lambert: Oh come on, honey, we live in a safe little town.
Carol Foster Lambert: Yeah well that's where evil always lurks.

Carol Foster Lambert: Frank, did I have another nightmare?
Frank Lambert: Duh! If you don't stop reading that book, I'm gonna go bald!

"Step by Step: Head of the Class (#4.17)" (1995)
Carol Foster Lambert: Frank, Frank wake up, Frank!
Frank Lambert: I'm sorry Mommy, it's not my magazine.