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Silhouette (Character)
from Destroy All Humans! (2005) (VG)

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Destroy All Humans! (2005) (VG)
Silhouette: Fool... do you think America is the only civilization on this planet?
Cryptosporidium: Well, all the Americans seem to think so. At least, the ones I scanned.

Silhouette: Credit is where credit's due, you defeated my beautiful Robo-Prez and I bet right now you're fantasizing about "destroying all the humans". Typical. Sure, you handled the boys: Armquist, Huffman... Ooh, that was a challenge.
Silhouette: But everybody knows which sex dominates *this* planet, and there's plenty of time to get your asses handed to you. That is, if you're not afraid to fight a girl.
Cryptosporidium: No, no, I'm not hung up on the whole pudenda thing.
Silhouette: So come on, Crypto. Let's dance. I'll even let you lead. I'm at the Octagon; don't keep me waiting.

[Silhouette is revealed to be a female]
Cryptosporidium: You're a *chick*?
Silhouette: I'm a patriot. If you had to put up with politicians playing grab-ass all day long, you'd wear a mask, too.
Cryptosporidium: Me, I get my kicks the old-fashioned way: beatin' up bad monkeys.
Silhouette: Funny. That's what Crypto-136 said. Of course, he was "a real cut-up", too.

Cryptosporidium: So, waving the white flag, huh? All the monkeys got together, scratched their heads, accepted the inevitable?
Silhouette: That sense of humor, just like your...
Cryptosporidium: Like my what?
Silhouette: Er, file. Your dossier, Crypto; Said you were quite the joker.
Cryptosporidium: I think I never told you my name.
Silhouette: No, I suppose I have your brother to thank for that.

Silhouette: You're probably watching... gloating.
Cryptosporidium: Pretty much.
Orthopox: It seems only fair.

Cryptosporidium: Silhouette, I presume. You don't look like a general.
Silhouette: You don't look like a little green man.
Cryptosporidium: *Thank* you.

Silhouette: [thinking] All this power, yet I still make 76 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Silhouette: Robo-Prez! Dirty tricks mode!

Silhouette: [thinking] Hmm... what am I doing tonight? Oh yeah, the same thing I'm doing every night: TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

[Crypto has defeated Silhouette]
Silhouette: [weakly] You BEAT me... I can't... believe... you actually... BEAT me!
Cryptosporidium: They never do. You know, you don't look so hot.
Silhouette: Majestic will... never give up... the struggle... to RESIST... YOU... ALIEN... FREAKS!
Cryptosporidium: Struggle's over, babe. Furons: one; humans: zipperooni.

Silhouette: Armquist, you want to explain to me why our troops are abandoning Area 42?
General Armquist: They're not leaving, they're regrouping. Everything's under control.
Silhouette: Really? So the airfield hasn't been destroyed by one of our own nukes?
General Armquist: It's that Commie spy from Santa Modesta! He got in somehow and messed with one of our experiments. Don't worry, I'll catch him!
Silhouette: That's what you said in Santa Modesta. Frankly, General, I'm beginning to question your resolve.
General Armquist: Oh, I'm resolved all right. That explosion was meant to take me out!
Silhouette: You're saying this Communist spy has a personal vendetta against you?
General Armquist: Maybe you don't get the mindset we're up against!
Silhouette: No, no, General, I'm taking you very seriously. The President should hear this. Get back to Capitol City.
General Armquist: I don't take orders from you!
Silhouette: In this matter, I speak for the President. You know that.
General Armquist: [hanging his head; sighs] Majestic...