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The Pied Piper (Character)
from The Pied Piper (1972)

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1957) (TV)
Pied Piper: [speaking of the plague of rats] Leaders of virtue; character builders, / To rid your town of this verminous pox, / My fee is fifty thousand guilders.
First Counselor: Fifty thousand guilders?
Second Counselor: You've lost your mind!

Pied Piper: As a rule / I refrain from calling any man a fool. Heed me now. / I'll wait until yon clock strikes the hour. / Don't let me go away / Without my pay.

Pied Piper: Maneuvers and manipulations!
Mayor of Hamelin: How dare you, sir! In all your dealings / To prevent your feelings / We require a legal form. / 'Tis no departure from the norm.

Mayor of Hamelin: What would you do with such a sum?
Pied Piper: Have fun!

Mayor of Hamelin: You have an invention?
Pied Piper: I attract attention/ Chiefly with a secret charm/ On creatures that do people harm;/ The mole, the toad, the newt and viper./
Pied Piper: Who doesn't know of the Pied Piper?

"Faerie Tale Theatre: The Pied Piper of Hamelin (#4.3)" (1985)
The Pied Piper: How's Hamelin fixed for rodent slayers?
The Mayor: Oh no, not another necromancer! We're giving none a second chance, sir!

The Lame Boy: Are you an actor?
The Pied Piper: You might call me a rat attractor.

The Pied Piper: If you break the promise that you made... this is the only time I'll warn... by the time the sun has changed to shade, you'll wish you all were never born!
The Mayor: Do you threaten us, fellow? Go, do your worst! Blow your pipe until you burst!
[the other councillors make sounds of agreement]
The Pied Piper: So be it.
[he turns to leave, but at the door turns back]
The Pied Piper: Hamelin's... cursed!
[he leaves, closing the door behind him]

The Pied Piper: This I'll promise... the time may come when I wear out my current welcome. Should that happen, you have my word I'll remember what I heard and give you my protection.
The Lame Boy: Against what?
The Pied Piper: Why, unnatural selection.

The Pied Piper: [to the Mayor and council after they've tried to cheat him] Folks who put me in a passion... may find me pipe after another fashion!