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King Edward VII (Character)
from "Edward the King" (1975)

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Mayerling (1968)
Prince of Wales: Incidentally, why are there always red carpets?
Archduke Rudolf: Stations make great places for assacinations. On the red carpet, the blood doesn't show.

Archduke Rudolf: Where can I go? What shall I do?
Prince of Wales: You'll do the same thing as I shall do one day or another.
Archduke Rudolf: What's that?
Prince of Wales: Go back to my wife.

Mrs Brown (1997)
Prince of Wales (Bertie): I wish to see my mother.
John Brown: She's busy.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Then convey her a message.
John Brown: She's away to Windsor tomorrow. Talk to her there.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Tell her the Prince of Wales wishes to speak with her urgently about matters concerning the press.
John Brown: Are you deaf as well as stupid?
Prince of Wales (Bertie): What did you say?
John Brown: I said, Are you deaf as well as stupid?
Prince of Wales (Bertie): Do you know who you address, sir?
John Brown: "Whom" you address.
Prince of Wales (Bertie): [angrily] Get out of my way!
John Brown: [pinning him to the wall] Why don't you just leave us alone?

"Lillie: Sunset and Evening Star (#1.12)" (1978)
King Edward VII: Your stables are phenomenally successful, you're top of the winning owners again.
Lillie Langtry: Yes, I'm sorry I beat you.
King Edward VII: No, you're not.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Guest of Honour (#2.5)" (1972)
King Edward VII: Just because I arrange a peerage for a man does not mean I have to like him.