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Dancaire (Character)
from Carmen (1915/II)

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The Loves of Carmen (1948)
Dancaire: Was the colonel's party successful, Carmen?
Carmen García: No, it was very stupid.
Dancaire: Was it successful?
Pablo: We need another 200 duros to get García out of jail.
Carmen García: Let him stay where he is.
Dancaire: Is that a way for a loving wife to feel about her husband?
Carmen García: Let him rot.
Pablo: No money for García? We'll tell him.
Carmen García: [She takes a bag of money out from the inside of her skirt] There, thief. And be welcome to it.
Dancaire: Is that all?
Carmen García: [Pablo pats her skirt] I left the party early.
[She walks towards the stairs, and money fall out of her skirt. She glares at the men and kicks it towards them, and spits at them]

Dancaire: [about José and Carmen getting married] You will be a fine pair, you two. Payo and Gypsy, the tame and the untamed, the dog and wolf. Dog and wolf weren't created to live together. It won't work, Navarrés. You'll see.

Dancaire: [to José] You don't like us, do you? We fill you with disgust. We're the symbol of your degradation.