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Quotes for
Lemuel Siddons (Character)
from Follow Me, Boys! (1966)

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Follow Me, Boys! (1966)
Hoodoo Henderson: We're doin' pretty good for three weeks, huh, Lem?
Lemuel Siddons: We sure are, Hoodoo. Just about the whole troop can count up to "fo-uh".

Vida Downey: That was a lovely exhibition.
Lemuel Siddons: Now, Vida...
Vida Downey: A one-hundred-percent domineering, "I forbid you", let's keep them in their places, male performance.
Lemuel Siddons: Male nothing...
Vida Downey: You're all alike, every last one of you. Puffed up, lords of the universe, egotistical know-it-alls.

Lemuel Siddons: Will you two stop "Lem"ing me.

Lemuel Siddons: How can I rest? Who's going to finish building the camp out at the lake? Who's gonna get the free lumber and who's gonna get the free labor? Will you two stop "Lem"ing me? Who's gonna see that everything's ready for dedication day? Who's going to coordinate all the activities and who's going to...
Edward White, Jr.: Lem, the Troop Committee will handle all that.
Lemuel Siddons: Oh, the Troop Committee, they'll gob everything up!

Lemuel Siddons: Tell me. What you doing Monday night?
Vida Downey: Well, Lem...
Lemuel Siddons: And Tuesday night.
Vida Downey: Lem...
Lemuel Siddons: And...
Vida Downey: Oh, lem!

Lemuel Siddons: Tell me. What you doing Monday night?
Vida Downey: Well Lem...
Lemuel Siddons: And Tuesday night.
Lemuel Siddons: Lem.
Vida Downey: And... Oh lem!