Logan Stuart
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Logan Stuart (Character)
from Canyon Passage (1946)

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Canyon Passage (1946)
Logan Stuart: This is Jacksonville, Clench. U.S.A. We sail with the tide.
Clenchfield: All Americans think that. They think the tide flows forever for them. But mark, me, Logan... gold veins run out, crops fail, men starve, wars come.
Logan Stuart: And businesses fail... until we get a new deck and deal again.

Honey Bragg: What do you have against me?
Logan Stuart: You ought to know.
Honey Bragg: You're talking in riddles, Logan. What's in your mind?
Logan Stuart: A picture of tree - with you swingin' from it.

Logan Stuart: There was a lot of good in George.
Johnny Steele: He sure panned out no color.
Logan Stuart: There's a thin margin, Johnny, between what could be and what is.
Johnny Steele: Yeah. It was thin for you last night. We were a mind to hang ya.
Logan Stuart: You see how thin the margin is.

Logan Stuart: George, when is this girl going to marry you?
George Camrose: I doubt if she knows hereself, Logan. When are you taking me, Lucy?
Lucy Overmire: George, do you like poetry?
George Camrose: Must I like poetry to be your husband?
Lucy Overmire: We'll be married when the leaves fall.
George Camrose: You see, Logan, she strings me up and lets me swing. You mean the maple leaves that fall early, or the pine needles that never fall at all?

Logan Stuart: Do you make it a habit of spying on people?
Hi Linnet: No, but I got a habit of observing people.
Logan Stuart: Is that all you have to do?
Hi Linnet: Well, Logan, you got a big store and no time. And I got a little store and lots of time.

Logan Stuart: It's a thin margin, Johnny, between what could be and is.

Logan Stuart: Gold is only yellow gravel, Cornelius.
Man: [laughs] But the yellow color makes all the difference.
Logan Stuart: Butter's yellow too and you can spread it on bread.

Logan Stuart: A man can choose his own gods, Cornelius. What are your gods?