Lyla Novacek
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Lyla Novacek (Character)
from August Rush (2007)

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August Rush (2007)
Lyla Novacek: I know it sounds crazy, but I can hear him! I swear I can hear him!

Lyla Novacek: I'm trying to find my son.
Woman at Desk: Name?
Lyla Novacek: [in tears] I don't know.

Richard Jeffries: Why is it so important that you want him now?
Lyla Novacek: I've ALWAYS wanted him!
Lyla Novacek: [in tears] I've waited eleven years, two months, and fifteen days just to find out that he's alive!
[Jeffries stares at Lyla]
Lyla Novacek: [she chuckles a little] I've been counting.

Louis Connelly: [listening to the music on the roof with Lyla] Can you hear that?
Lyla Novacek: What is that?
Louis Connelly: It's a wish
Lyla Novacek: Now what does that sound like?
Louis Connelly: [singing] well it's a marvelous night for a moondance, with the stars up above in your eyes, a fantabulous night to make romance, 'neath the cover of October skies...
Louis Connelly: When I was a Young fello, I used to talk to the moon
Lyla Novacek: Are you making that up?
Louis Connelly: God I haven't done it in a long time
Lyla Novacek: Did it ever talk back?
Louis Connelly: Well it used to, now I just find myself sitting up here talking to meself, like a loon
Lyla Novacek: well I'm here
Louis Connelly: yes, you are...
Lyla Novacek: [watching Louis stare at her] what are you looking at?
Louis Connelly: you...
[they lean in and kiss]

Lizzy: [talking to Lyla on the phone] Lyla?
Lyla Novacek: I'm in New York
Lizzy: What are you doing in New York
Lyla Novacek: It's strange, I've always felt that he was alive. I mean, used to lay in bed at night and I swear I could hear him. I swear I could hear him!
Lizzy: Lyla, oh my gosh! Calm down!
Lyla Novacek: I've been calm for over ten years and look where it's gotten me!
Lyla Novacek: It's alright honey, we're on our honey moon, we'll be back in two days