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Sonny Bono (Character)
from And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story (1999) (TV)

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And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story (1999) (TV)
Sonny Bono: [narrating] Life was grey, music was technicolor.

Sonny Bono: [narrating] I only knew three chords on the piano, but with three chords I could write a song.

Cher: If I'm gonna stay here, we gotta get some things straight. You hum in the morning, I can't stand that.
Sonny Bono: [laughs] Why? I like to hum. It's a new day, I'm happy.
Cher: Well I'm not, It takes a lot to makes me happy and a new day doesn't do it.

Phil Spector: What do you think you can do for me, Sonny Bono?
Sonny Bono: Oh, anything, anything at all!
Phil Spector: Not in the anything business. I'm in the record business.

Cher: I can't do it! My throat is closed!
Sonny Bono: No it's not, you're talking.
Cher: No, for singing it's closed!

Sonny Bono: [narrating] The wave we caught was a monster. My goal had always been succes. Cher's had been fame. Suddenly, overnight, we seemed to have both.

Sonny Bono: [narrating] I suppose every jerk who talks english thinks that he can write a screenplay. It was damn hard, let me tell ya.

Sonny Bono: [Cher has morning sickness] Can I get you something?
Cher: Yeah, you can get lost.

Sonny Bono: You hate it when we're working, you're bored when we're not, so what do you want?
Cher: I don't know, something.

Sonny Bono: Sonny and Cher are a business.
Cher: You said it, and I'm not in love with a business.

Sonny Bono: Why are you doing this? Why are you destroying Sonny and Cher?
Cher: Because I don't wanna be Sonny and Cher anymore