Cecil B. DeMille
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Cecil B. DeMille (Character)
from Sunset Blvd. (1950)

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Sunset Blvd. (1950)
[after hearing that Norma Desmond has come to see DeMille]
First assistant director: I can tell her you're all tied up in the projection room. I can give her the brush.
Cecil B. DeMille: Thirty million fans have given her the brush. Isn't that enough?

First assistant director: [about Norma Desmond] She must be a million years old.
Cecil B. DeMille: I hate to think where that puts me. I could be her father.

Cecil B. DeMille: You didn't know Norma Desmond as a lovely little girl of 17 - with more courage and wit and *heart*, that ever came together in one youngster.
First assistant director: I understand she was a terror to work with.
Cecil B. DeMille: Only toward the end. You know, a dozen press agents working overtime can do terrible things to the human spirit.

Norma Desmond: The last time I saw you was someplace very gay! I remember waving to you. I was dancing on a table!
Cecil B. DeMille: A lot of people were. Lindbergh had just landed in Paris.