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Quotes for
Bess (Character)
from Porgy and Bess (1959)

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"American Playhouse: Porgy and Bess (#11.3)" (1993)
Sportin' Life: [singing to Bess] Picnics is all right for these small town suckers, but we is used to the high life, you know. You an' me, we understands each other. I can't see for the life of me what you is hangin' round this place for. Why, with your looks Bess, and your way with the boys, there's big money for you and me in New York.
Bess: [singing] I can't remember meetin' nuttin' that I likes less than I does you!

Porgy: [singing] If there weren't no Crown, Bess, If there was only just you and Porgy, what then?
Bess: [singing] I loves you, Porgy, Don't let him take me, Don't let him handle me, And drive me mad. If you can keep me, I wants to stay here, With you forever, And I'll be glad.