Gaylord Ravenal
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Gaylord Ravenal (Character)
from Show Boat (1951)

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Show Boat (1936)
Parthy: We don't usually pick up actors off the wharves, but we can't be choosy right now!
Gaylord Ravenal: Madam, your courtesy is only exceeded by your charm.

Gaylord Ravenal: [saying farewell to Kim before he deserts her and Magnolia] And when I'm gone, you'll think of me, won't you?
Kim as a child: Of course I will. And when you're gone, I always do what you tell me.
Gaylord Ravenal: What was that?
Kim as a child: Don't you remember? Make-believe!
Gaylord Ravenal: [touched and on the verge of tears] That's right. I gave you a system for having everything you want.

Cap'n Andy Hawks: And if you can play the parts to my satisfaction, I'll give you 15 dollars a week, and a chance to see the world.
Gaylord Ravenal: I've seen it.

Gaylord Ravenal: [singing] Who cares if my boat goes upstream? Or if the gale bids me go with the river's flow? I drift along with my fancy; sometimes I thank my lucky stars my heart is free...
Frank: [as Ellie looks admiringly after Gaylord] What are you lookin' at?
Ellie May Chipley: Bet he's some aristocrat.
Frank: Yeah? Look at the cracks in his shoes.
Gaylord Ravenal: [singing] ... and other times I wonder, where's the mate for me?

Rubber Face: [the actors are performing the play "The Parson's Bride" on the show boat. Rubber Face, the prop and sound effects man, mistakenly moos like a cow instead of doing a doorbell sound effect] Moo!
Magnolia: [in character as Miss Lucy] Ah, there's the bell. It must be Parson Brown at last!
Gaylord Ravenal: [enters in character as Parson Brown] Good evening, Miss Lucy! I was absorbed in meditation and did not realize night had fallen.
Magnolia: The days are growing shorter, Hamilton, but they're long when one is waiting!
Gaylord Ravenal: As I came across the field I saw the cattle driven home by your faithful dog.
Rubber Face: [growing ever louder] Mooo! MOOOO!
[Ravenal rolls his eyes in exasperation]
Cap'n Andy Hawks: [to Rubber face] Shut up!

Show Boat (1951)
Gaylord Ravenal: [borrowing Magnolia's jewels so that he can pawn them] Don't worry darling, it's only temporary. I'll get them back for you.
Magnolia: Everything can be temporary - -except us.

Magnolia: How are your others?
Gaylord Ravenal: Huh? What's that, honey?
Magnolia: Your other bets! Yesterday's and last night's and all those "one last round before we break it up" bets! Were they just as good?

"Great Performances: Show Boat (#18.4)" (1989)
Sheriff Ike Vallon: [offering Ravenal a cigar] See-gar?
Gaylord Ravenal: [looking at it] What'd you call that?
Sheriff Ike Vallon: See-gar.
Gaylord Ravenal: Optimist!

Gaylord Ravenal: [referring to Parthy] Every time she calls, you jump. Why?
Cap'n Andy Hawks: Why?
Cap'n Andy Hawks: That woman's got a mean disposition!