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Cisco Kid (Character)
from "The Cisco Kid" (1950)

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The Cisco Kid (1994) (TV)
Cisco Kid: I don't fight for causes.
Pancho: Well, what do you fight for?

Cisco Kid: I can't believe this. I think they are really going to kill us.
Pancho: Are you afraid to die?
Cisco Kid: I'd rather live.
Pancho: Me too!

Cisco Kid: Well, come on!
Pancho: I can't.
Cisco Kid: What are you afraid of? Dying?
Pancho: No, I'm afraid of breaking my leg and then living!

Cisco Kid: Hombre, do you know what they call a Mexican with a good horse and money over there?
Pancho: What?
Cisco Kid: A bandit.

Old Cantina Lady: What do you want?
Pancho: Something to eat and a cerevza.
Cisco Kid: And I'll have a senorita.
Old Cantina Lady: I am the only senorita.
Cisco Kid: Make that two cervezas.

Cisco Kid: Pancho, the first thing we do is find some senoritas and some food.
Pancho: Senoritas?
Cisco Kid: For me. Food... for you.

Lt. Col. Delacroix: You fight very well for a Mexican.
Cisco Kid: You fight very poorly for a Frenchman.

Pancho: So what part of Mexico is your home, Cisco?
Cisco Kid: Ah, I'm not from Mexico. I was born and raised in Los Angeles.
Pancho: [shocked] So you're not a...
Cisco Kid: Nope, American.

[repeated line]
Cisco Kid: Ooooh, Pancho!
Pancho: Ooooh, Cisco!
Cisco Kid: Let's ride!

"The Cisco Kid: Convict Story (#1.5)" (1950)
The Cisco Kid: [to his horse after it had been stolen] Loco, finding you is like finding a lost long brother-in-law.

The Cisco Kid: I will keep my eye on him like a peeping Tomcat.

The Cisco Kid: You think you are going some places? You're not going no places.

The Cisco Kid: This fellow here will steal the pants right off your back.

"The Cisco Kid: Big Switch (#1.4)" (1950)
The Cisco Kid: How will you sleep tonight if you're going to take a siesta all day?
Pancho: I'll worry about that tonight.

The Cisco Kid: You're a very stubborn man, Sheriff.
Pancho: That's what makes sheriffs, sheriffs. I think.

The Cisco Kid: What are you worrying about?
Pancho: I'm worried that if my worries are over, I won't have anything to worry about.

The Cisco Kid and the Lady (1939)
Tommy Bates: Who says I'm too drunk to fight? Stand up and I'll show ya!
Cisco Kid: But senor, I'm already standing.

Billie Graham: Hey, Cisco, wait a minute! What about the gold mine?
Cisco Kid: The gold of the rising sun is much more beautiful, senorita. And it is ours for as long as we live.

Cisco Kid: Amigo, if the young lady refuses to say, "I do," shoot the gentleman in the leg.
Gordito: Oh, si.
Cisco Kid: And if the gentleman refuses to say, "I do," shoot him in the other leg. It only comes twice in the ceremony, no?
Pop Saunders: Ah... yes!
Cisco Kid: Good! He's got enough legs.

"The Cisco Kid: School Marm (#6.8)" (1955)
The Cisco Kid: There is something Pancho and I can do.
Pancho: Yes, there is something we can do. We could - we - what is it?
The Cisco Kid: Investigate, Pancho.
Pancho: I don't have a mind to invest in a gate. What good would that do, anyhow?

[last lines]
Pancho: Cisco, you know - I can read in two languages at the same time with my eyes closed and standing on one foot.
The Cisco Kid: [laughing] Oh, Pancho!
Pancho: [laughing] Oh, Cisco!

"The Cisco Kid: Six Gun Cupids (#6.14)" (1955)
Pancho: We ride out like Lock-in-the-jars.
The Cisco Kid: Oh, Pancho. You mean like Lochinvar.

Pancho: We like out like Lock-in-the-jars.
The Cisco Kid: Oh, Pancho. You mean like Lochinvar.

"The Cisco Kid: The Commodore Goes West (#3.26)" (1953)
The Cisco Kid: Alright, Pancho, hit the deck.
Pancho: What I want to hit the deck for? It didn't hit me, Cisco.

Pancho: Cisco, I don't mind doing what I'm doing, but I don't know what I'm doing.
The Cisco Kid: And you're just the one who can do it.

"The Cisco Kid: Counterfeit Money (#1.2)" (1950)
The Cisco Kid: How can you get so mixed up?
Pancho: Well, it takes lots of practice.

Pancho: How can you get into so much trouble without Pancho?
The Cisco Kid: I'm doing pretty well by myself.

"The Cisco Kid: Romany Caravan (#2.18)" (1952)
The Cisco Kid: See, I told you the bear is tame.
Pancho: You know that and I know that, but does the bear know that?

"The Cisco Kid: Caution of Curley Thompson (#5.10)" (1954)
The Cisco Kid: You just have to learn it the hard way, that every man is your brother.
Pancho: I know somebody who not my brother.
The Cisco Kid: Who?
Pancho: My sister.

"The Cisco Kid: Rustling (#1.3)" (1950)
Curt Reynolds: Is he dead?
The Cisco Kid: He's as dead as he'll ever be.

"The Cisco Kid: New York's Finest (#6.5)" (1955)
Jeff Adams: I'd introduce these men, Ruth, but I don't know who they are, except they've become mighty good friends of mine all of a sudden.
The Cisco Kid: [shaking hands] I am The Cisco Kid, and this is my very good friend, Pancho: handsome, brave, and very modest.
Pancho: You are pleased to meet me.

"The Cisco Kid: Man with the Reputation (#6.17)" (1956)
The Cisco Kid: How can you get in so much trouble and so quickly?
Pancho: This man say you are a crook.

"The Cisco Kid: Haven for Heavies (#1.20)" (1951)
Pancho: What is this, Cisco? Is good men who think we are bad or bad men who think we are good?
The Cisco Kid: We'll soon find out, Pancho.

"The Cisco Kid: The Two-Wheeler (#5.25)" (1955)
[last lines]
Pancho: Hey, Cisco, will you do me a big flavor, Cisco, please?
The Cisco Kid: A flavor? You mean a promise, Pancho?
Pancho: Yes, Cisco. Don't tell Loco I've been riding this two-wheel horse because he's awful jealous of me, if I ride anything but him.
The Cisco Kid: Oh, Pancho!
Pancho: Oh, Cisco!

"The Cisco Kid: Marriage by Mail (#4.19)" (1954)
Pancho: [trying to select which photograph of Pancho to submit to marriage-by-mail] How do you like that one?
The Cisco Kid: I don't like it.
Pancho: Why not?
The Cisco Kid: It looks too much like you.

"The Cisco Kid: Mr. X (#6.19)" (1956)
[last lines]
Pancho: [laughing with Cisco] Señor X put a nice brand on them for the sheriff, huh?. X marks the spot!
The Cisco Kid: Oh, Pancho!
Pancho: Oh, Cisco!

"The Cisco Kid: Powder Trail (#4.25)" (1954)
The Cisco Kid: Drop those guns. You'll not need them in prison.

The Stolen Jools (1931)
Cisco Kid: I do not dance... in English!

"The Cisco Kid: Phoney Heiress (#1.25)" (1951)
The Cisco Kid: Pancho, we don't have actual proof against him. We've got to make him expose himself.
Pancho: I will do what you told me, but it's much more easy to expose him to a bullet.

"The Cisco Kid: Montezuma's Treasure (#5.23)" (1955)
The Cisco Kid: Professor Bradley was some kind of a poet. This is a jingle.
Pancho: A jingle? No. A jingle is a place where the lions and the tiger live.
Sheriff: No. That's a jungle.
Pancho: No. Now, you see you don't know nothing. A jungle is a jungler who jungles the ball like that.
The Cisco Kid: [watching Pancho mimic a juggler] Hey, Pancho.
Pancho: What?
The Cisco Kid: That's juggling!
Pancho: Juggling? Jiggling? Gig? That's when little girls laugh - hee, hee, hee! That's a giggling.
The Cisco Kid: Pancho, that's a giggle.
Pancho: Oh, a giggle? That's a rhyme, Cisco.
The Cisco Kid: [simultaneously with the Sheriff] That's a jingle, amigo.
Pancho: That's what I told you in the first place! Don't you? Hmm?

In Old Arizona (1928)
[last lines]
The Cisco Kid: Her flirting days are over. And she's ready to settle down.