Rob McLaughlin
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Rob McLaughlin (Character)
from "My Friend Flicka" (1955)

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Flicka (2006)
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Are you going to kill Flicka?
Rob McLaughlin: I'm just going to have a look at her, baby.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's okay, Daddy. You can shoot us.

Rob McLaughlin: Help me understand something, Katie. He said he gave you the topic to your final essay in advance, and you turned in a blank paper. Not one word, and two hours for the exam.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: I wrote it in my head-just didn't put it down.
Rob McLaughlin: In your head.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Wouldn't have made a difference anyway. They just want us to spit back exactly what they wanna hear. I have an opinion, it's just not their opinion.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, their opinion is that you should repeat the year, just throw it away. Do you realize what this family does without so that you can go to a private school? Truck's passing 200,000 miles. Well, let's see if it'll do another 50. The barn roof's about to blow away. We'll patch it again for the umpteenth time and all so you can go to a fancy boarding school. But I'll go along because your mother wants you to go to college.
Nell McLaughlin: Hey, your father wants it, too.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, now we'll have to worry if she'll even graduate.

Rob McLaughlin: Our daughter lives in a fantasy land.
Nell McLaughlin: So do you! Look at you, sitting on top of Cowboy Mountain looking down at the world passing by. When are you going to look at your daughter and realize that she's you?

Rob McLaughlin: There's no good reason why this animal should be alive.
Nell McLaughlin: There's a very good reason she's alive-she's got mustang blood in her. She's a fighter, just like our girl.

Rob McLaughlin: [as he races Maria Bello home] Last one home is naked first!

Howard McLaughlin: Dad.
Rob McLaughlin: Don't.
Howard McLaughlin: I'm sorry. I really screwed up.
Rob McLaughlin: Look at me. You're a good man.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.
Rob McLaughlin: Now just stay with your mother.
Howard McLaughlin: Yes sir.

Rob McLaughlin: How bad is the horse? Go back and put her down.
Jack: She'll hear the shot.
Rob McLaughlin: She'll think its thunder.
Jack: No she won't. Look, Katie's smart. She sees things. Little details most people ignore. The ones that make a difference.
Gus: She'll know it's Flicka.
Rob McLaughlin: I can't let that animal suffer. I'll do it myself.

Jack: Speaking of which, you gonna put your brand on that little schoolgirl this summer?
Nell McLaughlin: You know Jack, we stopped branding our females a few years back. Isn't that right, Rob?
Rob McLaughlin: Kinda miss it, though.
Jack: Well, take it from an expert. Don't let that little Flicka get away.
Nell McLaughlin: The what?
Jack: It means uh... pretty girl or somethin'? It's what Gus calls Katie.
Nell McLaughlin: Oh he does, does he?
Gus: Uh, Flicka is just young girl, innocent. You can see in her face the beauty she will become. I uh-I think its Swedish. My momma use to call my little sister Flicka.

Nell McLaughlin: [At breakfast] And for your dining pleasure, gentlemen: Wild gooseberry pancakes with crème fraiche and rosemary chicken sausage.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, who lives better than us?
Howard McLaughlin: Uh, let me think... the Rockefellers?

Nell McLaughlin: Give her the horse.
Rob McLaughlin: No.
Nell McLaughlin: C'mon honey, training her own horse will make her responsible for something and she'll feel proud of herself.
Rob McLaughlin: Here it comes... psycho babble. This isn't about psychology. Now, this is about discipline and I'm not gonna reward bad behavior.
Nell McLaughlin: That sure sounds like psychology to me.
Rob McLaughlin: No. Horse.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Howard about the herd of horses] How do they look?
Howard McLaughlin: Well... pretty much the same as yesterday.
Rob McLaughlin: Well, that can change in a heartbeat.
Howard McLaughlin: Right.
Rob McLaughlin: You know, animals are a lot like us, son. They'll always find a way to tell you exactly how they're feeling. You've just gotta learn to listen to 'em.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Katie while she's sleeping off her fever] The day you were born and they gave you to me, I thought my hands were too rough to hold you. And you cried no matter what we did. But your mom said that that was a good sign, you were strong. It wasn't much comfort when I was holding you, pacing back and forth all night. All you did is look at me with those big, beautiful eyes. I made all kinds of promises to you if you'd just go to sleep. Katie... I forgot to keep those promises... and I'm sorry. Do you forgive me? I'll tell you every day how proud I am of you, how proud I am that you're my daughter. Just stay with me... please.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Nell] I didn't see the vet bill.
Nell McLaughlin: [trying to change the subject at dinner] Does someone wanna grab this last burger?
Rob McLaughlin: How much?
Nell McLaughlin: [still trying to change the subject] You know what I've been thinking about lately? If quitters never win, why are you supposed to quit while you're ahead?
Howard McLaughlin: [playing along] Or, how good can a bedtime story be if it's supposed to put you to sleep?
Nell McLaughlin: Right.
Rob McLaughlin: How much?
Nell McLaughlin: $1,648.32.
Rob McLaughlin: $1,600? That's just unacceptable.
Nell McLaughlin: Well, I'll speak to the horses.
Rob McLaughlin: I don't remember my daddy ever giving horses shots. They were healthy, they took care of themselves. Ain't that right, Gus?
Gus: Oh, sure. Back then, horses mucked their own stalls, nailed on their own shoes, even chipped in with the rent money.

Rob McLaughlin: [to Nell] You're not protecting her, you're crippling her and she'll end up being as useless as that dang mustang.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [to Rob] Flicka isn't useless! She wants to learn.
Rob McLaughlin: No, she doesn't. You want something that doesn't exist. It's time you see her for what she is.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: I know what she is!
Rob McLaughlin: How do you know a dang thing about that creature?
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Because we're the same!

Nell McLaughlin: [to Rob] Unload Flicka before you look like a damn fool!
Rob McLaughlin: What's wrong with you?
Nell McLaughlin: You made this decision without me because you know it's wrong!
[selling Flicka to the rodeo]
Rob McLaughlin: I'm done discussing this.
Howard McLaughlin: [to Rob] Well, I'm not done. Katie found Flicka, she should decide!
[If she wants to keep her]
Rob McLaughlin: Until you're running this ranch, I'll make the decisions around here!
Howard McLaughlin: I don't wanna run your ranch!
[shoves Rob]
Nell McLaughlin: Howard!
Howard McLaughlin: No! I'm sick of this place! You know what? I've given it a lot of thought and guess what? I'm never gonna be a rancher. Never. I wanna go to college.
Nell McLaughlin: Why didn't you say anything?
Howard McLaughlin: 'Cause this is what you wanted me to do. Katie wants this ranch. I don't want any part of it.
Rob McLaughlin: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Rob McLaughlin: Norbert, give me a horse.
Nell McLaughlin: Two horses!
Norbert Rye: Y'all need to calm down.
Nell McLaughlin: No, we're not gonna calm down 'til we find our daughter.

Rob McLaughlin: [Rob wants Nell to stay behind while the men look for Katie] You should go back!
Nell McLaughlin: Not a chance!

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [to Rob] But you said if I don't get back into school then...
Rob McLaughlin: Yes, that's what I said and I meant it.
Howard McLaughlin: So Dad sent them your essay.
Rob McLaughlin: Told 'em I didn't know much about writing, but I sure as heck know about the west and so does my daughter and it's right there in her essay. Every opinionated, ornery, hot-blooded part of it.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: What did they say?
Nell McLaughlin: What does anyone say to your father?
Howard McLaughlin, Nell McLaughlin: Yes, sir!
[all laugh]

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: [to Nell] That's the wild horse. Isn't she beautiful?
Nell McLaughlin: Well, she's something, that's for sure.
Rob McLaughlin: That's a dangerous animal.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: She's just scared.
Nell McLaughlin: I'd say she's about two years-old.
Rob McLaughlin: Yeah, two years wild.

[Nell sees Rob eating cotton candy]
Nell McLaughlin: How can you eat that stuff?
Rob McLaughlin: Makes me sweet.
Nell McLaughlin: You're always sweet.

Rob McLaughlin: Norbert! It's your lucky day.
Norbert Rye: Oh? Is that right?
Rob McLaughlin: You ready to meet a miracle on four legs?
[Norbert laughs]
Rob McLaughlin: Three year-old stallion, been savin' him just for you. He's somethin', ain't he, honey?
Nell McLaughlin: Mm, beauty.
Norbert Rye: Yeah, I can't use anymore quarter horses. I mean, any profit and middleman in horses is fading faster than a mountain sunset.

"My Friend Flicka: The Accident (#1.6)" (1955)
[first lines]
[Gus herds some pregnant cattle into the barnyard]
Rob McLaughlin: They'll calm down out here, Gus. They're better off out here than in the barn.
Gus Broeberg: They look like they're ready to drop their calves any day now, Captain.
Rob McLaughlin: I hope so. I feel like I haven't slept in a week.
Gus Broeberg: Well, it's been four nights now.
Rob McLaughlin: If Flicka acts up again tonight, I'm going to do some actin' up myself
Gus Broeberg: Yeah... You're pretty good at that, Captain
[Rob gives Gus a sidelong glance, then chuckles]

"My Friend Flicka: The Little Secret (#1.10)" (1955)
[Angry over their mistreatment, the Indians have attacked Crain at his trading post]
Crain: They broke in here and tried to kill me! They're a bunch of murderin', thievin'...
Rob McLaughlin: I suggest you listen to the other side of the story first, Marshal.
Burton: That's a waste of time. They'd only lie.
Marshal: That's a strange attitude from the man who's supposed to represent their interests.

"My Friend Flicka: The Stranger (#1.7)" (1955)
Rob McLaughlin: Where's Ken? Wasn't he supposed to give you a hand...
Nell McLaughlin: Oh, he's off someplace with Flicka. Now, Rob, don't be mad at him.
Rob McLaughlin: Sometimes that's what I do best - not get mad at Ken.

"My Friend Flicka: One Man's Horse (#1.1)" (1956)
[last lines]
Rob McLaughlin: I understand why you did it, son.
Ken McLaughlin: I had to save Flicka.
Rob McLaughlin: Sure you did, but next time tell your folks what's bothering you. They can always help you. That's what parents are for.
Ken McLaughlin: I'll remember that, Dad.