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Gilbert Blythe (Character)
from "Anne of Green Gables" (1985)

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"Anne of Avonlea" (1987)
Gilbert Blythe: It'll be three years before I finish medical school. Even then there won't be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.
Anne Shirley: I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you.

Anne Shirley: You just think that you love me.
Gilbert Blythe: Anne, I've loved you as long as I can remember. I need you.

Gilbert Blythe: What are you thinking?
Anne Shirley: I'm afraid to speak or move for fear that all this wonderful beauty will just vanish... like a broken silence.

Gilbert Blythe: Anne, There's not going to be any wedding anymore.
Anne Shirley: You're gonna get well, Gil. I know you are.
Gilbert Blythe: I called it off. It wouldn't be fair to Christine. There would never be anyone for me but you.

Gilbert Blythe: All pioneers are considered to be afflicted with moonstruck madness.

Anne Shirley: Why do people have to grow up and marry, change?
Gilbert Blythe: Oh, you'd change. If someone ever admitted that they were head over heels for you, you'd be swept off your feet in a moment.
Anne Shirley: I would not, and I defy anyone who would try and make me change.
Gilbert Blythe: Oh, you do?

Gilbert Blythe: "Wilt thou give up thy garter, oh fairest of the fair"? Anne, nobody speaks that way. And look at that sap Percival who sits around mooning the entire time. He never lets a girl get a word in edgewise. In real life she'd have pitched him.

Anne Shirley: I don't want any of it to change. I wish I could just hold on to those days forever. I have a feeling things will never be the same again, will they?
Gilbert Blythe: I won't change, that's the least I can promise you.

Gilbert Blythe: Maybe you don't think I'm good enough for you now, but I will be someday.
Anne Shirley: No, Gil you're a great deal too good for me. But you want someone who'll adore you. Someone who'll be happy just to hang on your arm and build a home for you. I wouldn't.
Gilbert Blythe: Anne, that's not what I'm looking for at all.
Anne Shirley: We'll end up like two old crows fighting all the time. I know I'd be unhappy and I'd wish we'd never done it.

Anne Shirley: I promise I'll always be here if you need me. Good friend are always together in spirit. Let's not change Gil, let's just go on being good friends.
Gilbert Blythe: Friends, huh? I thought we were kindred spirits.
[whispers forlornly]
Gilbert Blythe: Please say yes.
Anne Shirley: I can't. Gil, I'm so desperately sorry.
[runs off while a heartbroken Gil looks after her]

Gilbert Blythe: Don't get up on your high horse with me, Anne Shirley!

Gilbert Blythe: Well, the elegant and illustrious Miss Shirley. Relaxed while seeking out ideas for her next Rollings Reliable writing assignment, I presume.

Gilbert Blythe: Maybe if you just let your character speak everyday English, instead of all that highfaluting mumbo jumbo.

Gilbert Blythe: [Gilbert has insulted Anne's writing] Listen, I'm sorry. What else can I do?
Anne Shirley: [she hits him with her basket of flowers] Let me get a word in edgewise once in a while, before I pitch you!

"Anne of Green Gables" (1985)
[Gilbert Blythe, rowing a boat, found Anne clinging to the post under a bridge]
Gilbert Blythe: Anne Shirley. What in heck are you doing here?
Anne Shirley: [trying to sound dignified] Fishing, for lake trout.

Gilbert Blythe: Psst! Carrots! Carrots!

Gilbert Blythe: Well, I figured you can give me a hand with my work, and we'll call it a fair exchange.
Anne Shirley: Aren't you worried? I'm liable to break another slate over your head.
Gilbert Blythe: I'm more worried I might break one over yours, carrots.
Gilbert Blythe: I'll walk you home.
[after Gilbert Blythe's remark, to Anne Shirley, the movie then concluded, showing closing credits]

Anne Shirley: Marilla has given me strict instructions not to talk a head off. I do have a habit of chattering on so. Why, if I could imagine myself as a bird, a magpie would probably be the closest thing I could resemble. Oh, Diana, I've always dreamed of being in a three-legged race at a picnic. Would you do me the honor of being my patner?
Diana Barry: But there aren't any other girls in it.
Anne Shirley: You're a sturdy looking girl, and I'm fast. I know we'd stand a good chance.
Diana Barry: I guess so.
Anne Shirley: Come on!
Gilbert Blythe: Hey, Diana, who's your friend?
Diana Barry: Anne Shirely.

Gilbert Blythe: Anne, wait! I'm sorry for teasing you about your hair. Don't be mad at me for keeps.
Diana Barry: Oh, Anne, how could you? Gilbert always makes fun of the girls. He calls me crow head all the time, but I've never heard him apologize before.
Anne Shirley: There's a world of difference between being called crow-head and being called carrots. I shall never forgive Gilbert Blythe. The iron has entered my soul, Diana. My mind is made up; my red hair is a curse.

Josie Pye: Hey, Anne! How do you spell freckles?
Diana Barry: Hey, Josie! How do you spell ugly?
Gilbert Blythe: Congratulations on the spelling test, Anne.
[Anne nods her head at Gilbert]
Gilbert Blythe: Oh, well at least you're acknowledging me now. That's an improvement.
Anne Shirley: It is impolite to pass a person without at least nodding, and so I nod out of elementary good breeding, nothing more.
Gilbert Blythe: Oh, why don't you get off your high horse?
Anne Shirley: Thank you for your heartfelt congratulations, Mr. Blythe. But allow me to inform you that next time I shall be first in every subject.
Diana Barry: Anne! You've got more nerve than a fox in a hen house.
Anne Shirley: I don't see any need in being civil to someone who chooses to associate with the likes of Josie Pye.
Diana Barry: You're just jealous.
Anne Shirley: I am not. You take that back, Diana Barry!
Diana Barry: She's jealous of you. Gilbert told Charlie Sloan that you're the smartest girl in school, right in front of Josie.
Anne Shirley: He did?
Diana Barry: He told Charlie that being smart was better than being good-looking.
Anne Shirley: I might have known he meant to insult me.
Diana Barry: No, he didn't.
Anne Shirley: It isn't better. I'd much rather be pretty than smart. But at least I don't have to cheat like Josie does.
Diana Barry: She doesn't have to cheat; she just does it because she's a Pye.

Anne Shirley: Well, if you must know, I was in Diana's skiff but it sprang a leak and I had to climb onto the piling or sink. Now, if you'd be so kind as to row me to the landing.
Gilbert Blythe: Ah, I see. Well, then the fact is I rescued you.
Anne Shirley: Help was on the way and I was calmly waiting for it.
Gilbert Blythe: You're most welcome.
Anne Shirley: I am grateful for your assistance, Mr. Blythe, even though it was not required. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find my friends. They are likely overcome with fear for my life.
Gilbert Blythe: Well, Anne, wait. Wait a minute. I was just down at the post office to see if the Queens results had been printed.
Anne Shirley: Congratulations on coming first, Gilbert. I'm sure you're very proud of your achievements.
Gilbert Blythe: Wait a second, you ninny. We tied for first place. You and I. I figured you'd have it for sure. We all passed our entire class.
Anne Shirley: First of all two hundred?
Gilbert Blythe: I'm sorry you had to share it with me.
Anne Shirley: I never expected to beat you.
Gilbert Blythe: Can't we be friends now? This childishness has gone on long enough, don't you think?
Anne Shirley: The fact that you rescued me unnecessarily hardly wipes out past wrongs.
Gilbert Blythe: Look, I'm sorry I ever said anything about your hair. You have no idea how sorry. But it was so long ago. Aren't you ever going to forgive me?
Anne Shirley: You hurt my feelings excruciatingly.
Gilbert Blythe: I only said it because I Because I wanted to meet you so much.
Anne Shirley: Why did you turn your back on me at the Christmas ball?
Gilbert Blythe: Anne, that was over a year ago.
Anne Shirley: It was a deliberate humiliation.
Gilbert Blythe: And I knew exactly what you were thinking, too, Anne Shirley. You and Diana Barry. Look, can we be friends now?
Anne Shirley: Why don't you figure it out, if you're so clever?
Gilbert Blythe: Anne, wait a minute.
Anne Shirley: Everyone will think I've drowned.

Josie Pye: [while Anne is taking to Diana, Marilla and Mrs. Barry] I saw you fawning over Anne Shirley.
Gilbert Blythe: Well, you sure couldn't get up there and give a recital like that.
Josie Pye: I could be up there on stage.
Gilbert Blythe: Well, I'd like to see that sometime, Josie Pye.

"Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story" (2000)
Anne Shirley: I've made up my mind to go to my grave unwept, unhonored and unsung.
Gilbert Blythe: But not unpublished.

Gilbert Blythe: You know, every day I would pick a different memory of you and play it over and over and over again in my mind, until every hair, every freckle, every part of you was exactly as I remembered.

Gilbert Blythe: Marry me now. Let me go.
Anne Shirley: Everything I ever loved gets taken away.

[Anne sees Gilbert and runs to meet him, but falls flat on her face]
Gilbert Blythe: Are you alright? Nothing broken or bent I hope.
Anne Shirley: [laughing] Only my pride. Oh, Gil, help me up. I'm purely blind and a fool to boot! Oh, if I were blind, I should never forget the contours of your face. Why didn't you let me know?
Gilbert Blythe: Well, I wanted to see you face to face. I have something to ask you.
Anne Shirley: I do.
[kisses Gilbert]
Gilbert Blythe: Let's go take a walk down the lane!
[kiss each other again]

"Green Gables Fables: Video Blog #3: Q & A (#1.50)" (2014)
Gilbert Blythe: [reading fan question] Will you marry me?
[with serious face]
Gilbert Blythe: I'm so sorry. There's another woman.

Gilbert Blythe: [reading fan question] Favourite Disney princess? Rapunzel, by far. There's just something mystical about a woman who can beat people up with a frying pan.

"Green Gables Fables: My Good Friends Gave to Me (#1.57)" (2014)
Gilbert Blythe: Hey, Shirley, merry Christmas!
Anne Shirley: [joyfully] You too!
[realizes what she just said]

"Green Gables Fables: Professional Things: Interviewing Gilbert (#1.49)" (2014)
Ruby Gillis: How do you feel about girls with freckles?
Gilbert Blythe: I guess I'm pretty indifferent to whether a girl has freckles or not.
Ruby Gillis: Okay...
Gilbert Blythe: How do you feel about girls with...
Ruby Gillis: They're pretty cool! But the more important question is how do girls with freckles feel about you?
Gilbert Blythe: I don't know every girl with freckles in the world so I assume their opinions would vary.
Ruby Gillis: Well, I know that at least some of them like you even if sometimes it seems like they don't at all.

"Green Gables Fables: Not Happening (#1.30)" (2014)
Gilbert Blythe: [gestures at Anne's hair] I really am sorry about your hair. I like it, I like your hair. I mean, this belongs on Pinterest.