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Ruthie Camden (Character)
from "7th Heaven" (1996)

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"7th Heaven: Help! (#5.2)" (2000)
Rev. Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] Actually, your principal called this morning, and you're not in any trouble. He thinks he may have found a way to get you out of Miss Riddle's class.
Ruthie Camden: Thank God!
Rev. Eric Camden: What did you say?
Ruthie Camden: Thank God. You should thank God. I talked to God and told him how unhappy I was at school, and asked Him to help.
Rev. Eric Camden: You prayed to get out of Miss Riddle's class?
Ruthie Camden: If you don't ask, you don't get. I just thought you and Mom could use some help.

Ruthie Camden: [to her parents as they are visiting Eleanor Roosevelt School] They have horses! Horses!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [to Eric and Annie] The school offers both English and western style instruction.2
Ruthie Camden: And there's no homework!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: We feel the children work hard during the day. At night, they should be free to relax and be kids. After all, we do have them seven hours a day. Of course, if Ruthie would like to spend time at home studying any subject beyond the core curriculum, we'll set up an individual program for her.
Ruthie Camden: I may want to do that, considering I don't have to be at school until ten!
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: [laughs] We have a flexible schedule. Students can start as late as ten, but then they go until five. Not every student does his or her best work early in the morning. Plus, we have a 14 to 1 student ratio and a whole list of after-school trips and projects. Last year, we took a group of students to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. and met the President. I think that Ruthie would make a wonderful addition to our school. If you have any questions, please call.
Rev. Eric Camden, Annie Camden: Thank you.
[shakes her hand]
Mrs. Carmen Mackoul: Bye, Ruthie.
Ruthie Camden: Boy, when God answers a prayer, he answers a prayer!
Rev. Eric Camden: Does that mean you want to go to school here?
Annie Camden: Oh, yeah!

Ruthie Camden: [to Eric] So did you get me transferred out of Miss Riddle's class?
Rev. Eric Camden: Yeah. I think I did.
Ruthie Camden: You and God make a great team!

Lucy Camden: [to Ruthie] If you got into that school, you should be honored. You should go.
Ruthie Camden: No, I will not go! You cannot make me! I'm just going to run away.
Lucy Camden: If you run away, you'll still have to make all new friends.
Ruthie Camden: No, I won't. My friend Sarah will come with me and we'll join the circus, and when we're old enough we'll marry clowns!
Lucy Camden: You have put way too much thought into this whole thing.
Ruthie Camden: Why has God forsaken me? Why?

"7th Heaven: It Takes Two, Baby (#3.1)" (1998)
Annie Camden: How is that I'm the one who has to watch every single morsel of food that I put into my mouth, and yet those crumbs turn into pounds and more pounds and more pounds, despite the fact that I've already puked most of what I've eaten the day before by the time I get out of bed the next morning?
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, we're fat and we're sick.
Annie Camden: And tired you know I'm really, really tired. It's not like having a baby at twenty or thirty, I'm...
Ruthie Camden: Old.
Annie Camden: And I've got six months to go. Six more months. Six months of tryinig to wear clothes that make me look...
Rev. Eric Camden: Like you're having a baby. Our baby.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, our big fat baby.
Annie Camden: Yeah, she's right. You know that I was seven months pregnant with Matt before I was in maternity clothes. And now, at three months look at me, I'm fat. I'm old. I'm tired. And I'm fat.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, I can't get in nothing of mine, neither.
Rev. Eric Camden: You can't get into anything, Ruthie, you don't fit into your clothes because you're getting bigger and that's because you're getting older.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, just like Mommy.

Simon Camden: [to Ruthie] Just in case what isn't better?
Ruthie Camden: My morning sickness.
Simon Camden: Oh, give it up already.
Ruthie Camden: MOMMY!
Rev. Eric Camden: Simon, be nicer to your sister. This isn't easy on her and she's just a little girl.
Simon Camden: You say it like it's a weakness or something.

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Annie] It's going to be okay.
Annie Camden: It's not gonna be okay! It's only gonna get worse. I'm only gonna get fatter, and older, and tireder, and fatter! Then, when I'm at my oldest and tiredest and fattest, then I have to give birth to my fattest baby ever, probably with the world record head!
Ruthie Camden: Yeah. If you ask me, the only thing you daddies have to do to make a baby is the fun part.

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] You know, maybe your tummy will be feeling better by lunchtime. Mommy's always is.
Ruthie Camden: Give me an extra paper bag, just in case it isn't.
Simon Camden: Just in case what isn't?
Ruthie Camden: My morning sickness.
Simon Camden: Oh, give it up! You're not sick, you're not tired, and you're not fat. You're just trying to get attention.
Ruthie Camden: MOMMY!
[runs upstairs]
Simon Camden: [to Eric] Yeah. Whenever they're hurt, they run to Mommy, even when Dad is standing right there.

"7th Heaven: ...And a Nice Chianti (#3.5)" (1998)
Mary Camden: Upstairs. The three of you. We need to talk.
Ruthie: Who squealed?
Simon Camden: It wasn't me.
Ruthie: Lucy. Big surprise. Hey, where's the pregnant chick who stole Matt's car?
Annie Camden: Kitchen. And show some respect.

Mary Camden: I got it! I got my learner's permit. And Dad got me my own set of keys. Congratulate me!
Lucy Camden, Simon Camden: Congratulations.
Ruthie: Ditto.

Annie Camden: Lunches are on the kitchen counter. Don't worry. This bus thing won't last long.
Mary Camden: I hope they really hate it and they want a ride home today, but you punish them by making them take the bus for weeks and even months.
Ruthie: Punish me, Mommy, punish me.

Mary Camden: [about Ruthie wearing a helmet] That's not funny.
Ruthie: What's not funny? Who's trying to be funny?
Mary Camden: I'm a very good driver.
Ruthie: I'm sure you are.
Mary Camden: Then take the helmet off.
Ruthie: It's not a helmet, it's a sports hat, kinda like a baseball cap, only for football, and it matches my shirt.
Mary Camden: Give me a break. Take it off.

"7th Heaven: Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line (#1.18)" (1997)
Ruthie: Who ratted on me?
Annie: Uhm... Your brothers and sisters, the police, three neighbors, and the mailman.
Ruthie: That's what I figured.

Ruthie: You don't know everything.
Simon: Well, I know my phone number when someone asks for it.
Ruthie: And still no one calls.

Ruthie: Ding dongs? That's not my usual.
Eric: You have a usual? You've only been in school for a few weeks.
Annie: Trade Simon for his ho-hos and then use the ho-hos to trade for Lucy's Nutter Butters.
Ruthie: I could... But variety is the spice of life.

"7th Heaven: With Honors (#4.5)" (1999)
Ruthie Camden: So, what kind of fun stuff do we have planned for tomorrow?
Annie Camden: [to Eric] Teacher Work Day. No school for Ruthie.
Ruthie Camden: Yes!
Annie Camden: Okay, let's see. Tomorrow, you can help me clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, repair the kitchen sink, iron the socks, reorganize the linen closet, and go shopping.
Ruthie Camden: Toy shopping?
Annie Camden: Food shopping.
Ruthie Camden: Man, this is gonna be worse than school!

Ruthie Camden: Mom, can I have $29.99? I just have to have these walkie talkies I saw on TV! Then I can call all my friends, and they can call me back, and it only costs $29.99!
Annie Camden: But if you use the phone to call your friends and pretend the phone is a walkie-talkie, it'll cost less.
Ruthie Camden: [rolls eyes] Parents!

Rev. Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] So have you reconsidered my offer? 'cause if you really those walky talkies getting an allowance is the only way to go.
Ruthie Camden: No, thank you. I don't need an allowance. I have a plan. And it's a lot easier than taking out the trash for the rest of my life.
Annie Camden: She has a plan, should we be concerned?
Rev. Eric Camden: Not concerned, afraid. Very afraid.

"7th Heaven: Johnny Get Your Gun (#3.7)" (1998)
Lucy Camden Kinkirk: [after Eric is shot] I just wish somebody would have told me what was going on.
Simon Camden: Mom and Dad were hoping they wouldn't have to scare the rest of the family. Besides, what would you have done anyway?
Ruthie Camden: Well, for one thing, I wouldn't have been running around yelling "Ba-Boom!"

Annie Jackson-Camden: [in response to Ruthie playing a game where people step on land mines] Ruthie, did you know that there are real people who step on real land mines? They lose arms and legs. And some even die.
Ruthie Camden: Yeah, but this isn't real life. It's just a game. A video game.

Reverend Eric Camden: [to Ruthie] Let me try to explain to you why your mom and I are so upset by this whole "Ba-Boom!" thing.
Ruthie Camden: After that, then can I get the video game?
Reverend Eric Camden: Listen when you first see someone shot or blown up on TV, it has to be at least a little scary. But then if you keep watching it day after day, week after week, year after year, it starts to grow less scary, less a big deal, and even gets to seem like... nothing. But it is something. It's the biggest something. It's someone taking someone else's life.

"7th Heaven: It Happened One Night (#3.15)" (1999)
Annie Camden: [to Ruthie] Is that the new outfit that Grandpa and Ginger sent for the boys?
Ruthie: Is that what it is? I had no idea. Hmm. Guess it was just lying around somewhere.
Annie Camden: On the top shelf of the hall closet where we keep the rest of the baby gifts?

Annie Camden: Why isn't Simon watching Ruthie?
Ruthie: Is Simon my new mommy?

Ruthie: I don't care what anyone says about the twins. They're not cute.
Simon Camden: Well, of course they're not cute! Compared to you, who is?
Ruthie: I'm not buying it. Get away from me.
Simon Camden: Come on. If you come back in the house with me, I'll give you a cookie. Two cookies. Cookies and ice cream!... money? Cold, hard cash?
Ruthie: I liked you better when you ignored me.

"7th Heaven: Losers (#5.3)" (2000)
Annie Camden: [to Ruthie after she saw Annie and Eric having sex] Ruthie, it really isn't funny.
Ruthie Camden: Oh, it's plenty funny! I always thought it was so serious, because you always have this serious face when you talk about sex, but trust me, it was funny!
Annie Camden: It's also very... private, and very intimate, and even though it's perfectly natural for a man and a woman - a married man and a married: woman - to... make love, it's not something that's meant for anyone else to watch.
Ruthie Camden: I didn't mean to, and believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I never see anything like that again!

Lucy Camden: [to Ruthie] I want to read what's in that diary.
Ruthie Camden: And I want to win a million bucks. Not gonna happen.

Ruthie Camden: I have no life. On the other hand, everyone else in this house does!

"7th Heaven: No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll (#3.8)" (1998)
Ruthie Camden: [as Annie catches Simon drinking coffee] I'm not drinking coffee, I just stole it for him.
Simon Camden: [to Ruthie] Thanks a lot.
Annie Camden: Simon!
[grabs the phone from Lucy]
Annie Camden: Goodbye Jordan.
Lucy Camden: I had to call him to tell him I couldn't call him.
Annie Camden: [to Ruthie about her gum] Come on, spit it out.
[to Simon]
Annie Camden: You, no coffee.
[to Ruthie]
Annie Camden: You, no gum.
[to Lucy]
Annie Camden: And you, no phone. Got it? Good.

Annie Camden: [to Ruthie] Spit it out.
Ruthie Camden: How did you know?
Annie Camden: I have eyes in the back of my head.
Ruthie Camden: If that were really true, I'd bring you in to Show 'N' Tell.

"7th Heaven: Secrets (#10.19)" (2006)
Ruthie Camden: It's old news, really. Very old news. I mean, it probably doesn't even matter anymore. Remember when Matt took Sarah on their first date, and they stayed out all night, and came home with that lame cover story about how they stayed up all night talking and decided to get married?
Annie Camden: Yeah.
Ruthie Camden: They were already married. They got married on their first date.
Rev. Lucy Kinkirk: And they told you?

Ruthie Camden: [to Annie] I can keep a secret. I've kept Matt's secret for years.
[realizes what she said and runs out of the room]

"7th Heaven: The Magic of Gershwin (#10.14)" (2006)
Simon: Think about me and Rose. What's the first song that comes to mind?
Ruthie: "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off".

Ruthie: Rose can sing.
Eric: It's a grand day.

"7th Heaven: Love and Obsession (#10.15)" (2006)
Ms. Rusnak: Do you have a boyfriend?
Ruthie Camden: No.
Ms. Rusnak: Ever been in love?
Ruthie Camden: Not really.
Ms. Rusnak: I don't recommend it.

Ruthie Camden: What do you usually do for Valentine's Day?
Ms. Rusnak: I sit in the dark and cry.

"7th Heaven: Lost and Found (#8.21)" (2004)
Ruthie: Peter, I'm hungry, I'm really hungry.
Peter: We don't have any more money.
Ruthie: I know, five wrong buses will do that.
[Peter takes something out of his pocket]
Peter: Here - it's a raisin. I think. I was kind of saving it... But you can have it.
[Peter discovers Ruthie doesn't want it, shrugs his shoulders and eats it himself]

Ruthie: I may never walk again.
Peter: And all we had to eat were two hot dogs.
Ruthie: And he had a raisin.

"7th Heaven: Truth or Dare (#2.10)" (1997)
Annie: [outside the bathroom door] What are you doing in there?
Ruthie: [in the bathroom] I'm taking a bath.
Annie: Again? You already took one today.
Ruthie: I got dirty again.
Annie: There are seven people in this house, one bath a day is all you're allowed.
Ruthie: I thought cleanliness was next to godliness
Annie: Yes, but that only matters if you and God are going to be sitting on a crowded bus together.

"7th Heaven: Broke (#5.6)" (2000)
Simon Camden: What are we gonna do about this?
Lucy Camden: We're gonna let Mary handle it. It's her problem, not ours.
Ruthie Camden: Please don't let them put Mary in jail again.
Simon Camden: You say to let Mary handle it, but she's not. We're the ones getting the calls, and sooner or later Mom and Dad are gonna find out. And deadbeat or not, she's still our sister.

"7th Heaven: Lip Service (#6.17)" (2002)
Ruthie: What is it with this circumcision thing?

"7th Heaven: Brave New World (#1.16)" (1997)
Annie: But I thought you liked school.
Ruthie: I like peanut butter, but I don't want it everyday.

"7th Heaven: Choices (#1.17)" (1997)
[Ruthie and Simon finds a bill on the driveway]
Ruthie: I wonder who lost it.
Simon: Obviously no one in our family, this is 50 dollars!

"7th Heaven: Here We Go Again (#5.1)" (2000)
Ruthie Camden: [about her teacher] She's mean! She's really mean. And she makes me want to do something really, really bad.

"7th Heaven: Highway to Cell (#10.17)" (2006)
Rev. Eric Camden: You have friends.
Ruthie Camden: Uh... No, I don't.
Rev. Eric Camden: You... have friends.
Ruthie Camden: No, I don't.

"7th Heaven: There Goes the Bride: Part 1 (#3.21)" (1999)
Simon: The Tooth Fairy doesn't hex. The Tooth Fairy grants wishes - good wishes.
Ruthie: The Tooth Fairy is branching out.

"7th Heaven: Brotherly Love (#9.16)" (2005)
Ruthie: It's just like old times. Here we are again, lying for Mary.

"7th Heaven: Blind (#5.5)" (2000)
Simon Camden: [about his earring] But if I take it out, the hole will close up!
Reverend Eric Camden: Exactly!
Simon Camden: That's not fair. Why can't I keep the earring?
Ruthie Camden: Because you look like a girl!
Annie Jackson-Camden: You went out of the house tonight without our permission. You went to the house of someone we don't know and have never met. At that house you allowed that someone we don't know to pierce your ear.
Reverend Eric Camden: Be grateful that the only thing we're doing is making you take out your earring out.
Simon Camden: Fine!

"7th Heaven: Why Not Me? (#9.8)" (2004)
Ruthie: What are we talking about?
Martin: That girl in school - Meredith. The one who's going to marry Harry.
Ruthie: Oh, yeah. Is she coming to live here?
Annie: No, I don't think so. But your dad is going to try to find her a home.
Eric: I'm going to try to find her a home.
Annie: That's what I said.

"7th Heaven: Good-Bye...: Part 1 (#10.21)" (2006)
Ruthie Camden: Cramps!

"7th Heaven: The Heart of the Matter (#7.5)" (2002)
Ruthie Camden: I have to go. Sam is trying to put David in the dryer.

"7th Heaven: Dangerous Liaisons: Part 1 (#1.21)" (1997)
Simon: [to Ginger and Grandpa Charles] So, you guys are planning to do a little travelling together, huh? Sounds... pretty neat.
Lucy: Yeah! Neat.
Matt: Really neat.
Mary: Way neat!
Eric: Yeah... Travelling can sure be...
Ruthie: Neat?

"7th Heaven: Say Good-Bye (#1.20)" (1997)
Ruthie Camden: Simon sat on Hoowie and squshed him, he's gone forever!

"7th Heaven: Moving Ahead (#10.16)" (2006)
Annie Camden: Taste this ice cream. I mean, think of all the beautiful cows who were grazing in the meadow and then just walked into the barn to get milked.
Ruthie Camden: And think of the beef cows who wind up in the slaughterhouse being put down by a stun gun.

"7th Heaven: With a Little Help from My Friends (#1.12)" (1997)
Simon: Now "Mac", that's a real name. And it means "son of". We can name him "MacHappy". I like that.
Ruthie: Well, I like "Bean Blossom".
Simon: Bean Blossom? What does that mean?
Ruthie: The blossom of a bean. Duh.