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Quotes for
Sally Hyde (Character)
from Coming Home (1978)

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Coming Home (1978)
Sally Hyde: That never happened to me before.

Capt. Bob Hyde: I've waited a long time for an opportunity like this.
Capt Hyde's Friend: You're going to make Major.
Sally Hyde: Major?
Capt. Bob Hyde: Major.
Sally Hyde: Major Mrs. Robert Hyde? I'll have to get my skirts lengthened for that one.
Capt. Bob Hyde: Start wearing girdles.

Sally Hyde: There's not enough beds. There's not enough staff. It''s really crowded and guys have to wait in line. They are just not prepared for the number of wounded guys that are being sent back.
Martha Vickery: I don't think we are really clear at what you are asking us for, Sally?
Sally Hyde: Well, it's what I said. I think we could do an article in the paper, you know, maybe using some of these photographs, interviewing some of the guys, maybe.
Officer Wife: Isn't it difficult for the men to be around young women? When I joined Weight Watchers, I didn't want any candy around the house.
Connie: I don't think that that's our function, Sally. It seems that we're more a Base gossip sheet. You know, fun and games for the fellas.

Luke Martin: Are you nervous?
Sally Hyde: [laughs] Yes.
Luke Martin: Why are you nervous? This isn't "Have a gimp over for dinner, night" is is? You're not one of those weirdos.

Capt. Bob Hyde: Why did you have to go to work in the *hospital*?
Sally Hyde: Because I wanted to.
Capt. Bob Hyde: It's the pits! You didn't have to do that. I just - don't want you to work.

Sally Hyde: [In a crowded bar in Hong Kong] Bob, let's just be alone for a few minutes.
Capt. Bob Hyde: We are alone.
Sally Hyde: There's something wrong, Bob.
Capt. Bob Hyde: It's not you - it's, it's 'em, it's f*cked up, it's all this bull sh*t about Nam, it's in my head, I can't get it out.
Sally Hyde: Well, why don't you talk to me about it? I want to know what it's like.
Capt. Bob Hyde: I don't know what it's - I don't know what it is? The TV shows what it's like. It sure as hell don't show - what it is.

Sally Hyde: You like tiger balm? It makes you feel real cool. I'll put some on your back.
Capt. Bob Hyde: Is that the way you massage the basket cases at the hospital?

Luke Martin: I'm not a very nice person.
Sally Hyde: You are to me.

Luke Martin: Turn the light on. I want to see you.
Sally Hyde: What do I do?
Luke Martin: Everything. I want you to do everything.
Sally Hyde: Where can I touch you? Where can you - where can you feel?
Luke Martin: It's nice. I'm real sensitive, in all areas that I feel - real sensitive.
Sally Hyde: Can you feel that at all?
Luke Martin: I can't feel it, but, I can see it.
Sally Hyde: I wish you could feel me.
Luke Martin: I feel.

Sally Hyde: Hi.
Luke Martin: [Hands Sally a letter] It's from Bob. I opened it. He's coming home.

Capt. Bob Hyde: [Bob coming home] What the hell did you do to your hair?
Sally Hyde: I've stopped straightening it.
Capt. Bob Hyde: Where's all the demonstrators? Some asshole on the plane told us there was going to be a bunch of flower-heads out here.
Sally Hyde: Oh, there's some kids out there. They can't come on the base.

Capt. Bob Hyde: You never told me that you were this close to the beach.
Sally Hyde: I wanted to surprise you.
Capt. Bob Hyde: You're full of surprises.