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Gulliver (Character)
from Gulliver's Travels (1939)

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"Gulliver's Travels: Episode #1.2" (1996)
Lemuel Gulliver: All the Yahoo vices I can begin to accustom myself to once more. Except for pride. That I cannot tolerate. I see myself for what I truly am. I have lost eight years of my life... And yet, and yet, the moments I have had, the marvels I have witnessed, the wonderful truths I have seen. You see, when night falls and you close your eyes to sleep and dream, I have seen the things that you can only dream about. I have been there. I was lost at sea for a long time. But I have been there. Oh yes. All the way and back.

Lemuel Gulliver: The bestial Yahoos fight for no reason all. While we on the order hand fight for very good reasons, such as, well, our enemies are weaker than us or we desire all their land.

Lemuel Gulliver: Why shouldn't we be seen as God made us?
Dr. Bates: Because as any Christian knows, it would be immodest!
Lemuel Gulliver: Meaning that these people would be incapable of modest behaviour if they were naked?

Lemuel Gulliver: [Introducing himself to Mistress] I am just a poor Englishman.

Mary Gulliver: You're a doctor. Why are you taking something when you don't know what it is?
Lemuel Gulliver: I do know what it is. Laudanum.

Immortal Gatekeeper: Welcome to the immortal world.
[leads Gulliver to a font in the middle of their chamber]
Immortal Gatekeeper: This is the source of the life everlasting. Drink from this water and you will never fear death. Never.
[offers Gulliver a dish of the water]
Lemuel Gulliver: But I have to get home. There's a ship in the harbor. I only have minutes before it sails.
Immortal Gatekeeper: Minutes? What are minutes? You have no need for such petty considerations here.
Lemuel Gulliver: [narrating] I was offered immortality... man's dream. With the fear of death removed, I could learn the truths of existence. I could get riches in wisdom. I could read every book ever written. Study the movements of the planets and the stars. I could watch the rise and falls of republics and kings and from the great depths of my knowledge, offer advice to all. I could do anything.
Immortal Gatekeeper: Drink. Taste immortality.
Lemuel Gulliver: Why is your hand shaking so badly?
[Gulliver sees a Struldbrugg in the corner coughing up blood]
Lemuel Gulliver: What's wrong with her?
Immortal Gatekeeper: Nothing.
Lemuel Gulliver: What's wrong with everyone?
Immortal Gatekeeper: Drink the water. You will defy nature.
[Gulliver notices that she is not looking directly at him]
Lemuel Gulliver: You can't see me, can you?
Immortal Gatekeeper: I'm alive! The water keeps us alive.
Lemuel Gulliver: You're blind. You're all blind!
Immortal Gatekeeper: No, some of us can still make out shape and movement. We'll never die, that's what matters. We'll never die.
Struldbruggs: [chanting] Never die. Never die.
Immortal Gatekeeper: That's all that matters... cheating death!
Lemuel Gulliver: No... no!

Gulliver's Travels (1939)
Gulliver: [looking around the town square] Where's everyone gone?
[the people of Lilliput quickly close their doors and windows]
Gulliver: This is no way to treat a harmless visitor.
[moved by this, the people of Lilliput open their doors and windows again]

[nighttime, at a dinner party in Lilliput]
Gulliver: [to King Little] Your Majesty, I'm sorry the Princess isn't with us.
King Little: Oh yes. Too bad. Too much excitment for one day.
[King Little faces forwards and notices Gabby trying to reach for something over his soup. Gabby slips and accidentally twangs King Little's spoon, causing it to splash in his soup. Gulliver laughs]

Gulliver: [holding Prince David's wounded body in his hand] Poor, poor, foolish little people. Look what you've done. Now go ahead, break your nutshell heads over your songs! But did you have to break Glory's heart, King Little? Because you were thoughtless and selfish? And you, Bambo, almighty warrior, what have you won? You were too stubborn to think, too busy quarrelling the land to lend ear to the harmony that might have been yours. But now in you sorrow and despair, perhaps you will listen to your songs as they might be sung.

Gulliver's Travels (2010)
Lemuel Gulliver: There's no small jobs - just small people.

Lemuel Gulliver: I'm Invincible!

Lemuel Gulliver: I'm not doing this. You got me in a diaper and a dress. I'm not doing tea time with you! Go find another doll!
Lemuel Gulliver: [the giant princess grunts to Gullivers & broke the rabbit doll's head & paused] Tea time for tee, haha...

"Gulliver's Travels: Episode #1.1" (1996)
Lemuel Gulliver: I want you to have this. My ring.
Clustril: Oh, marvellous! What do I want with your ring, eh? I can't wear it, can I?
Lemuel Gulliver: It's gold.
Clustril: [takes it in awe] You were always good to me! You were always my friend! Dad! I'm rich!
Drunlo: Never mind that, son, never mind that. I think I've found... the other boot!

Lemuel Gulliver: But unless thousands are starving, how can there be structure to society?

Queen of Brobdingnag: The history of your country seems to consist of nothing more than a squalid string of conspiracies, rebellions, revolutions, murders and massacres. Every judgment seems to be motivated by greed, by malice, hypocrisy, hatred, envy, lust and madness!
Lemuel Gulliver: Perhaps I explained badly.
Queen of Brobdingnag: You have proved that ignorance, idleness and vice are the only qualifications for public office and that your laws are made by those whose only interest is in perverting them. I can only conclude that your people are the most pernicious race of odious little vermin that ever nature suffered to crawl upon the face of the Earth!

"The Adventures of Gulliver: The Forbidden Pool (#1.5)" (1968)
[first lines]
Gary Gulliver: We've got to keep moving. Leech is close behind.

[last lines]
Gary Gulliver: Bunko! That's one impersonation I think we can all do without.

The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960)
Dr. Lemuel Gulliver: don't need Reldresal or me to fight a war!
Emperor of Lilliput: Of course I don't need a prime minister to fight a war! But I need one to blame in case we lose it.

"Doctor Who: The Mind Robber: Episode 5 (#6.10)" (1968)
Gulliver: We obey our creator, that is all that can be expected of any character, unless the Master bids us otherwise.