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Linda Lorenzo (Character)
from "George Lopez" (2002)

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"George Lopez: George Gets Assisterance (#4.14)" (2005)
Linda Lorenzo #2: [after discovering she's been adopted] This morning I woke up and I was the only child of 2 loving Italian parents. Now it's 11:00pm and I'm a Mexican.

Linda Lorenzo #2: I'll arrange Max to retake the test and then maybe he won't do so well, and I'll be forced to put him back in special ed.
George Lopez: Wow, you're already holding one of your own on your own back. Congratulations, Linda, you are Mexican.

Linda Lorenzo #2: [to George] What are my real parents like?
George Lopez: Well, your father's easy. He left Mom before you were born, I tracked him down last year, I punched him in the face, he asked me for a kidney, and then he died.
Linda Lorenzo #2: And my mother?
George Lopez: Oh, she's hard to describe in a few words. She's a short, bitter drunk... actually, that about covers it.

George Lopez: Max really needs that special ed program.
Linda Lorenzo #2: I can't put Max back in special ed.
George Lopez: What? I just introduced you to your real mother.
Linda Lorenzo #2: And now I owe you?

Linda Lorenzo #2: [to George] Why don't you want me to meet her? Are you jealous? You don't want to share your mother with me?
George Lopez: Share? I'll trade! I can be Italian.
[in an Italian accent]
George Lopez: Try the canollis! Forget about it! I know a guy! Whatcha! Badd-bing-ho!
Linda Lorenzo #2: That's a stereotype.
George Lopez: What do you care? You're a Mexican.

"George Lopez: George's Relatively Bad Idea (#4.21)" (2005)
Linda Lorenzo #2: [to George] You pimped me out for two thousand dollars?
George Lopez: Why you gotta say it that negative?