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Quotes for
Jason (Character)
from Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

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Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
Jason: Now the voyage is over, I don't want any trouble to begin
Polydeuces: There won't be any trouble, Jason. Just tell us where the city is and when we attack.
Jason: We don't attack.
Polydeuces: But that's foolish, you have the finest fighting men in the world.
Jason: 40 fighting men against a nation?
Phalerus: Better forty than one Jason.
Jason: We're not *pirates*, Phalerus.
Acastus: What's that girl done to you? We thought you were a fighting man.
Jason: I'm going up alone in the morning. See what the situation is.
Polydeuces: Oh, you mean spy out the land. Well, why alone? Why not take a few of us scouting.
Jason: The fewer who go, the less can get caught. Now what's the fewest you can think of?
Polydeuces: One, of course.
Jason: Right. I accept your advice.

Argos: Pray to the gods, Jason!
Jason: The gods of Greece are cruel! In time, all men shall learn to live without them.

Phineas: But tell me, what gods protect you?
Jason: None now.
Phineas: You won't pass the Clashing Rocks.

Jason: The gods want their entertainment.
Zeus: Jason goes too far.
Hera: Because he speaks the truth when the gods themselves go too far?

Jason: We reach land at noon. Then you can fill your bellies until they grumble as much as your tongues.

Hercules (1958)
Ercole: No Jason, it's no use to go on torturing yourself. You'll never know who killed your father now Crion's dead.
Jason: I wanted so badly to get at the truth, but he would never tell me. He could read my thoughts, he felt my desire for revenge.
Ercole: And I see by the look in your eyes that your desire for revenge is bound to grow worse.
Jason: I feel it. The desire for revenge dominates all my thinking, but the assassin has no face and I don't know his name.

"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Top God (#4.21)" (1998)
Young Jason: If he's Apollo, how is it that I can see him?
Apollo: Hey, when you've got it, flaunt it.

Young Hercules (1998) (V)
Young Iolaus: It took you two weeks to get here? I've seen faster turtles.
Young Hercules: Yeah, as they were passing you on the street, I'm sure!
Young Iolaus: Oh, I'm *laughing*.
Young Jason: [getting between them] Hey, guys! Let's hit the track, huh?

Medea (2005)
Glauce: You are getting dressed.
Jason: I have to go to work.
Glauce: The wedding's only a month away, I'm sure my father can handle the work before he passes the company to you.
Jason: You know I would love to spend the rest of the afternoon with you, but I have to go. Besides, I don't want to set a bad example for the employees, especially your father.

"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Hercules on Trial (#4.10)" (1998)
Hercules: I have resisted the gods, because instead of helping us, they interfere with us. And I have bent the law when my heart tells me it's unjust, because justice is not about the letter of the law, but the spirit. And I do try to inspire others to be everything they are capable of being. If this is sedition, then I am guilty.
Hercules: But there is something more on trial here. The hero. A hero is a person who's not afraid to risk his life for another. And sometimes, like Kazankus, it means losing that life. It's what separates us from the animals and from the gods who would like us to believe we are less than we are. And that is why we all need heroes, to set a higher standard that others can aspire to. If I'm guilty of this, then I'm proud of it. If this is sedition, then I'm proud of that too and you might as well sentence me, because I won't stop trying to do what's right. My heart won't allow it. If this is wrong, take me now.
Iolaus: No, take me. I am Hercules. I think like him, I try to be like him. If you think what he's doing is wrong, you'll have to banish me too.
Jason: No, take me. I am Hercules.
[others chime in, claiming to be Hercules as well]
Galea: I am Hercules.
Judge: Don't say it! If we proceed, I shall have to banish myself, also. I am Hercules! Case dismissed.