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"The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Panic Room (#1.8)" (2007)
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: What did you have for dinner? It smells like the Black Hole of Calcutta in here!
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Funny you should mention dinner, as I seem to be the only one here with food...
Eugene Gurkin: Is that caviar?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Yes. And a mother-of-pearl spoon. Everybody can have some, except for Squatch.
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: Who cares, I don't want any of your damn caviar!

Eugene Gurkin: Okay, guys, I got a genius plan. We form a human pyramid with Louis on top, and when Louis get's on top -
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Chief?
Eugene Gurkin: Yeah, Gary?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Please, no more genius ideas.
Eugene Gurkin: What're you talking about?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Your genius ideas will get us all killed.
Eugene Gurkin: Come on, Gary...
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: Chief! I love you like a brother, but you did get us into this, so maybe you better just sit down and let the rest of us figure a way out.
Eugene Gurkin: What? Look, I hate to pull rank, Squatch, but I am still kinda the leader around here -
Rockefeller Butts: Maybe you better just lead your mouth to shuttin', Eugene.
Eugene Gurkin: What the hey's goin' on, is this some kinda mutiny?

Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Esperanza, I would like to have sex with you.
Eugene Gurkin: Didn't you not even listen to what she just said?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Yes, yes, I heard, but why should what she said change what I say? Just because she doesn't want me to want to have sex with her doesn't mean I magically don't want to have sex with her. I really do, I'm sorry, I swear I really do.
Esperanza Villalobos: It's okay, Gary. I appreciate your honesty.
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Really? So does that mean that we could -
Esperanza Villalobos: [quickly] No.
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: But we only have two minutes and -
Esperanza Villalobos: No.

"The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Ralph (#1.5)" (2007)
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: We don't even have gay in India.

"The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Fighting Shape (#1.3)" (2007)
Hawthorne Jansen: I've developed security plans for some of the top celebrities in Hollywood - your Ian Zierings, your Elayne Booslers, your Weird Als Yankovic...
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Is Weird Al really weird?
Hawthorne Jansen: That's not the question you should be asking. You should be asking, has he ever been murdered? Not on my watch. Has he ever been robbed? Not on my watch. Has he ever been raped? That's between him and his God.