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Rockefeller Butts (Character)
from "The Knights of Prosperity" (2007)

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"The Knights of Prosperity: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Eugene Gurkin: We're like Ocean's Eleven!
Rockefeller Butts: More like Ocean's Idiots.

"The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Panic Room (#1.8)" (2007)
Eugene Gurkin: Okay, guys, I got a genius plan. We form a human pyramid with Louis on top, and when Louis get's on top -
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Chief?
Eugene Gurkin: Yeah, Gary?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Please, no more genius ideas.
Eugene Gurkin: What're you talking about?
Gourishankar 'Gary' Subramaniam: Your genius ideas will get us all killed.
Eugene Gurkin: Come on, Gary...
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: Chief! I love you like a brother, but you did get us into this, so maybe you better just sit down and let the rest of us figure a way out.
Eugene Gurkin: What? Look, I hate to pull rank, Squatch, but I am still kinda the leader around here -
Rockefeller Butts: Maybe you better just lead your mouth to shuttin', Eugene.
Eugene Gurkin: What the hey's goin' on, is this some kinda mutiny?

"The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Deliver the Case (#1.4)" (2007)
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: You know, Rockefeller, you're a very handsome man,
Rockefeller Butts: Kiss my ass.
Francis 'Squatch' Squacieri: If that would change your vote, I'm open to it.