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Dulcinea (Character)
from Don Quixote (2000) (TV)

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Man of La Mancha (1972)
Aldonza: All right, you're a squire. How does a squire squire?
Sancho Panza: Well, first, I ride behind him. Then he fights. And then I pick him up off the ground.

Aldonza: And you, Señor Don Quixote, your head is going to end up a stranger to your neck.

Aldonza: [singing, to Don Quixote] If you feel that you see me, not quite at my virginal best, / cross my palm with a coin, and I'll willingly show you the rest.
Don Quixote: [speaking] Never deny that thou art Dulcinea.

Aldonza: You know what the worst crime of all is? Being born. For that you get punished your whole life.

Sancho: They say one madman makes a hundred and love makes a thousand.
Aldonza: What does that mean?
Sancho: I'm not sure.

Pedro: My mules are not so stubborn.
Aldonza: Fine. Make love to your mules.

Don Quixote: Dear God, it is she. Sweet lady, fair virgin. I dare not gaze fully upon thy countenance as I'd be blinded by beauty.
Aldonza: I'll get you the wine.
Don Quixote: My lady, you must not wait upon my needs, I implore you. Speak once, your name
Aldonza: Aldonza.
Don Quixote: My lady jest!
Aldonza: Aldonza!

Aldonza: Alright! He's a man, isn't he! He wants what every other man wants!

Don Quixote: Victory.
Aldonza: Victory?
Sancho Panza: Victory.
Don Quixote: Victory!
Aldonza: Victory!
Sancho Panza: Victory?
Don Quixote: Victory! VIctory! Victory!

"BBC Play of the Month: The Adventures of Don Quixote (#8.5)" (1973)
Dulcinea: [to Don Quixote, after she has been brought to the Duke's castle] Forgive me - for doubting you.