Laura Miller
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Laura Miller (Character)
from The Santa Clause (1994)

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The Santa Clause (1994)
Laura: All Neil told him was that Santa was more of a feeling. More of a state of mind than an actual person.
Scott: Kind of like Neil.

Scott Calvin: Where is he?
Laura: Well, he could be listening to records jumping up and down on his bed wearing a red hat and galloshes.
Scott Calvin: I don't care what Neil's doing. Where's Charlie?

Laura: Here's Neil's mother's number.
Scott Calvin: 1-800-SPANK-ME? I know that number.

Scott Calvin: [about what will happen for Christmas Eve dinner] Are you going to your mom's for dinner.
Laura: Actually, we're going with Neil's family.
Scott Calvin: Ah, Christmas at the pound!
[mockingly imitates a howling wolf, a hissing cat, and a cat meowing]

Charlie: [to his father, Scott] I'm fine, Dad. Think about those kids! You're Santa! We were up in the North Pole!
Scott Calvin: Charile... I don't know.
Charlie: What do you mean you don't know?
Dr. Neil Miller: Charlie... listen...
Charlie: YOU listen! You think you know what he is... You *DON'T*!
Laura: Charlie... You're confused.
Charlie: I know exactly who he is.
Dr. Neil Miller: [firmly] Charile... HE is NOT Santa!
Charlie: [whining; desperate] HE IS TOO SANTA! We went up to the North Pole. I saw it! We met the Head Elf, Bernard. He knew everything!
[turns to Scott]
Charlie: Right Dad?
Scott Calvin: [Scott looks unsure]
Charlie: [tossing him the snow globe Bernard gave him] REMEMBER!