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Marcus Scarman (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars: Part Four (#13.12)" (1975)
[Sutekh telekinetically removes the TARDIS key from around the Doctor's neck and brings it before him]
Sutekh: Scarman!
Marcus Scarman: I hear you, Master.
Sutekh: My enemies have brought the means of my deliverance.
[the time corridor activates and Sutekh sends the TARDIS key through]
Sarah Jane Smith: TARDIS key!
Sutekh: [depositing it into Scarman's hand] This allows you entry into the Time Lord's space machine. Take one servicer and travel to the pyramid of Mars.
The Doctor: He won't find that possible, Sutekh.
Sutekh: [dismissively] Scarman is my puppet. My mind is in his.
The Doctor: The controls of the TARDIS are isomorphic.
Sutekh: One to one. They answer to you alone.
The Doctor: Yes.
Sutekh: Then I was wise to spare you. My mind is in *yours*!
[the Doctor's face goes blank, he rises, and crosses his arms in veneration]
The Doctor: Master.
Sutekh: Scarman.
Marcus Scarman: Master.
Sutekh: I send you the Time Lord. He will control the machine. The human girl will accompany you. If the Time Lord shows the slightest sign of self-will, kill her immediately.
Marcus Scarman: It is understood, Great One.
[Sutekh sends the Doctor to Scarman through the time corridor]