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Henery Hawk (Character)
from Walky Talky Hawky (1946)

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The Foghorn Leghorn (1948)
Henery Hawk: Ah, I ain't so little.
Grandpa Hawk: I've told you Henery, why you're too little to hunt chickens with me.
Henery Hawk: You mean on account of what you was telling me that chickens are great, big monsters?
Grandpa Hawk: Yep.
Henery Hawk: They got big, sharp teeth and they live in caves?
Grandpa Hawk: That's right.
Henery Hawk: And they fight like demons?
Grandpa Hawk: Right.
Henery Hawk: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get some.

Grandpa Hawk: You'll probably hate me for what I'm gonna do, but after all, I am a chicken hawk.

[after Foghorn beats up on Grandpa Hawk]
Henery Hawk: Hey, was that a chicken, Pop?
Grandpa Hawk: A chicken? Of course not. Do you think I'd let a chicken do that to me? That's just a loud-mouthed schook.
Henery Hawk: A schnook? Well, I'm not after schnooks, I'm after a chicken.

Foghorn Leghorn: Looky here, son, I'm no loud-mouthed schnook.
[Hits dog as he talks]
Foghorn Leghorn: This is a dog, not a chicken. Chicken's don't look like dogs. Who told you this was a chicken, son? Nice boy, but doesn't listen to a thing you say. You got a bum steer, son. I'm a chicken, not a schnook. You're wrong, son.
Barnyard Dawg: [Kicks Foghorn] Schnook!
Henery Hawk: Schnook.

Henery Hawk: Hey, he called you a chicken.
Foghorn Leghorn: That's what I've been - I say, that's what I've been telling you, boy! I am a chicken!
[Henery hits Foghorn on the head with a shovel and drags him away]
Henery Hawk: He talked me into it.
Foghorn Leghorn: I'm just a loud-mouthed schnook.
Henery Hawk: Chicken or schnook, in our oven he'll look good.

Henery Hawk: Schnooks are sure noisy things.

Henery Hawk: Still tryin' to prove you're a chicken, eh?
Foghorn Leghorn: [nods]
Henery Hawk: Schnook.

The Leghorn Blows at Midnight (1950)
Foghorn Leghorn: [Sees Henery trying to tie down a pumpkin on a catapult] Now what's that boy up to? Better check on him. Say whatcha doin' there... No, no, you'll never get it done that way, you're not strong enough. You gotta have the know-how.
[Ties pumpkin down]
Foghorn Leghorn: There, your pumpkin's tied down pretty.
Henery Hawk: Got a match, mister?
Foghorn Leghorn: Match?
[Gives him a match]
Foghorn Leghorn: Here you are, boy. Now don't set the world on fire.
[Henery uses match to light candle under the rope holding down the pumpkin]
Foghorn Leghorn: These kids growing up nowadays, don't even know how to tie down their own pumpkins. Why, when I was a boy... Say, I never tied down no pumpkins. Hey, son! Whatcha tying down a pumpkin for?
[the candle burns through the rope, releasing the pumpkin and launching it onto Foghorn's head]
Foghorn Leghorn: Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

Henery Hawk: I'm a chicken hawk, and I'm gonna take you home. Come on, I ain't got all day.
Foghorn Leghorn: [Chuckles, then pretends to be scared] Oh Mister Chicken Hawk, don't take me home to roast in no black oven. I'm scared of the dark!
[Fake sobs]
Henery Hawk: Would you rather be fried on top of the stove?
Foghorn Leghorn: I'm too tough, son. No white meat, just gristle. Feel my wing. I used to be young and tender once - Feel my wing like I toldya, boy! - but that was a long time ago. Now if you - I say, if you want something tender, nothing beats a good old pheasant. Pheasant under glass, that's good eatin'! Any of this getting through, son?
Henery Hawk: Are there any of these ph-ph-pheasants around?
Foghorn Leghorn: Why of course, son! Here, I'll take you to one.
[Walks with Henery, humming "A Hunting I Will Go", until they reach the Dog's house]
Foghorn Leghorn: Quiet down, we're near pheasant country now. There's the pheasant's house over there.
Henery Hawk: Gosh! I was talking to a pheasant and didn't even know it.
Foghorn Leghorn: [Gives Henery a glass tureen cover] Here, walk in with this over him and you've got a pheasant under glass.

Henery Hawk: Mwahahahaha! I'm the invisible hawk! You can't see me! I might be twenty feet tall! You can't fight what you can't see!
[Dog puts a mirror in front of Henery]
Henery Hawk: I got you now, you nincom...
[Sees reflection, realizes he's not invisible]
Henery Hawk: ... poop?

Henery Hawk: You can't stop me, pheasant.
Barnyard Dog: Pheasant, schmeasant! What are you, a pheasant hawk?
Henery Hawk: No, I'm a chicken hawk.
Barnyard Dog: So what's with pheasants? Unhook my collar and I'll help you catch a chicken.

Henery Hawk: [as Foghorn and the dog fight] Get him, chicken! Sock him, pheasant! Atta boy, chicken! Come on, pheasant! I don't care who wins. I'll fricassee the loser.

Walky Talky Hawky (1946)
Henery Hawk: Gee, Pop. I don't know what's the matter with me. The trouble's in my tummy. I crave something and I don't know what it is.
George K Chicken Hawk: Well, Henery, you're a big boy now. We'd better have a little talk.
Henery Hawk: Okay, Pop. What do you wanna know?
George K Chicken Hawk: You see, Henery, your mother and I are outcasts. Hated and hunted because of what we are... chicken hawks. And you - you, Henery - you're a chicken hawk too. And like all chicken hawks, you crave to eat... a chicken.
Henery Hawk: Eat a chicken? Is that bad? That's for me. Here chick, chick, chick, chick, chick! Here chick, chick, chick, chick, chick!

Foghorn Leghorn: You lose something - I say, did you lose something, kid?
Henery Hawk: I'm a chicken hawk. I'm after my first chicken.
Foghorn Leghorn: A chicken, eh? I'm a horse - I say, I'm a horse myself.
[Trots and whinnies]
Foghorn Leghorn: But I've seen a chicken - I say, I've seen a chicken around here - Pay attention, sonny - somewhere. Chicken? Chicken. Oh, yes!
[Points at dog]
Foghorn Leghorn: There's a chicken - I say, there's a chicken for you - Boy doesn't pay attention. Nice four legged chicken. Go on over - I say, go on over and taste him, kid. You'll like him.

Henery Hawk: Are you coming quietly, or do I have to muss ya up?

Henery Hawk: [Dragging the horse, the dog and Foghorn Leghorn out of the barn] One of these...I say one of these, has got to be a chicken!

You Were Never Duckier (1948)
Henery Hawk: Hey, Pa, look at what I brung ya! Look at what I brung ya! A chicken!
Daffy Duck: And what a chicken, brother! Get a load of this gorgeous plumage. Feast your eyes at this outstanding comb. And besides, I'm the only five-gaited rooster in the world. So, why not save yourself the trouble and judge me right now, judge... Uh, judge... what was the name?
George K. Chickenhawk: Chickenhawk. George K. Chickenhawk.
Daffy Duck: Chickenhawk? Chicken hawk, eats us chickens. Well, I gotta go. I think my judge is burning, fudge... My fudge is burning, judge... I mean, my mother wants me. I got to crochet a cake. Uh, uh, goodbye!

Daffy Duck: Get a load of this gorgeous plumage! I'm a genuine Red Island Rhode chicken.
Henery Hawk: Is dat what you are?

The Squawkin' Hawk (1942)
Henery Hawk: Come on! Come on, you big balooka! Get up and fight! Put up your dukes!
[the rooster gets up and is ready for a fight]
Henery Hawk: Come on! Come on! Let's start something!
[the rooster and Hazel ran away]
Henery Hawk: Come back here and fight! What's the matter? Ya chicken!
[Henry sees his mother]

All Fowled Up (1955)
Foghorn Leghorn: [just after cement poured all over over Foghorn Leghorn, he quickly dried into Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" sculpture] Don't bother me, dog. Can't you see I'm thinking?
Henery Hawk: Of all the chickens in the world, I have to get a Plymouth rock.
[cartoon's final line]