Lennie Small
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Lennie Small (Character)
from Of Mice and Men (1992)

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Of Mice and Men (1992)
[Lennie is talking with Crooks, the Stable Buck]
Lennie: The rabbits we're gonna get and I, I get to tend 'em.

George: Go to sleep, Lennie.
Lennie: George?
George: Go to sleep, Lennie!
Lennie: I am sleepin', George.

Lennie: You said I was your cousin!
George: That was a lie. If I was a relative of yours, I'd shoot myself.

George: Guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. They ain't got no family and they don't belong no place. They got nothin' to look ahead to...
Lennie: But not us George. Tell about us.
George: ...well, we ain't like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody cares.
Lennie: But not us, George, because I... see, I got you to look after me, but you got me to look after you.

Curley's Wife: Nobody can't blame a person for looking. See y'around.
[She exits the bunkhouse]
Lennie: She's pretty.
George: Lennie! Listen to me, God damn it! Don't you even look at her! I don't care what she says or what she does, she's a rat trap if I ever seen one.
Lennie: But I wasn't doing nothing.
George: No, but when she was shoving her legs around you weren't looking the other way neither. Keep away from her!
Lennie: I don't like this place.

[last lines]
George: [talking about their dream] We're gonna get a little place.
Lennie: Okay, yeah, we're gonna get a little place and we're gonna...
George: We're gonna...
Lennie: ...have...
George: [Lennie mouths what he says] We're gonna have a cow, and some pigs, and we're gonna have, maybe, maybe, a chicken. Down in the flat, we'll have a little field of...
Lennie: Field of alfalfa for the rabbits.
George: ...for the rabbits.
Lennie: And I get to tend the rabbits.
[George shoots Lennie in the head, Lennie dies; George looks at Lennie sadly, sighs and walks to Lennie, leans down to him; scene cuts to George sitting on train at night again; scene cuts to George remembering his and Lennie's final happy memory as they both toss a bag of flour onto a horse wagon, both look at each other, and walk away happily]

Lennie: You damn right, George! You *god* damn right!

[first lines]
[George sits on a train on a dark night looking depressed, scene cuts to girl with red dress running through field whimpering as George and Lennie escape from her]
George: [to Lennie] Come on.
[woman continues running in fright as George and Lennie continue running away from her as sergeants on horses with dogs track George and Lennie]
Lennie: George, they're gone. They're gone.
George: [angrily] Come on! Keep moving!
[both keep running as sergeants continue following them]

Of Mice and Men (1939)
Lennie: You want I should go away and leave you alone?
George Milton: Where could you go?
Lennie: Oh, I could... I could go right up in them hills and some place find a cave.
George Milton: How'd ya eat? You aint' got sense enough to find somethin' to eat.
Lennie: Oh, I'd find some things. I don't need no fancy foods like beans with ketchup! I could lay out in the sun where nobody'd hurt me.
George Milton: I been mean to ya. Ain't I?
Lennie: Well, if you don't want me you only just gotta say so. I can go right up in them hills and live by myself and I won't get no birds stole from me.
George Milton: Somebody'd shoot you for a coyot if you were by yourself. Better stay with me.

George: I guess they're about done. Ready? You got enough beans there for four men.
Lennie: I like 'em with ketchup.
George: I told you we ain't got none! Whatever we ain't got, that's what you want! If I was alone I could live so easy. The end of the month I could take my 50 bucks and go into town, get whatever I want - a gallon of whiskey, set up a pool room, play cards or shoot pool. And what do I get? I get you!

Lennie: George?
George Milton: What do you want?
Lennie: Where are we going?
George Milton: Forget that already, did you?
Lennie: I forgot. I tried not to forget, honest I did.
George Milton: Ok, Ok. I'll tell you again. I got nothin' else to do. Might as well spend my time telling you things you forget. You forget 'em, I'll tell you again.
Lennie: I tried and tried but it didn't do no good. I remember about the rabbits, George.
George Milton: Oh, yeah. The only thing you can remember are those rabbits.

Crooks: Suppose George went to town tonight, you heard of him no more. Just supposin'.
Lennie: [upset] He won't do that. George won't leave me. He'll come back. Don't you think he will?
Crooks: You want me to tell you what would happen? They would take you to a booby hatch. They'll tie you up with a collar like a dog. Then you'd be just like me. Living in a kennel.