Frank McPike
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Frank McPike (Character)
from "Wiseguy" (1987)

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Wiseguy (1996) (TV)
Frank McPike: I'm doing the best that I can to protect you. It's not as easy as it used to be.

Frank McPike: California is my problem. The ocean's on the wrong side. I don't like it.

Frank McPike: Well, Vince, I just had the worst nightmare. I was living in a cockroach infested motel eating burritos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Frank McPike: Oh, Vince, when are you ever gonna realize this is not about saving the world.

Frank McPike: You're way out over the edge on this, you know this, don't you.

Frank McPike: And I'll take care of him, 'cause it's my job.

Frank McPike: Come on, Vince, we'll both feel better when we're back in New York.

Frank McPike: Well, enjoy the fishies.

"Wiseguy: Not for Nothing (#1.16)" (1988)
Frank McPike: I don't care what gets raised right now. Vince's cover couldn't mean less to me.

Frank McPike: Well, there you are in a nine hundred dollar a day suite at the Georges Cinque and here I am in the naugahyde room of the Karl Marx Pavilion. This is great. When I was undercover it was pockmarked prostitutes.

Frank McPike: Lillah, Lillah, please don't take this as a personal thing. I used to go home before Mel Profitt, now I haven't been home for a weekend in more than three months. I know the strain's beginning to show. I'm hurting in places I don't wanna hurt. And Vince... Vince. You know, I stood right here buying a hamburger when he took it. And I looked out there and there he was in the blood and the pain... You know, I'd just been bitching about how lucky he's had it... And my wife left me. I hadn't talked to her in a week. We kept missing each other. This morning I got a recording telling me that the phone had been disconnected at the customer's request. She put my dog in a kennel and took my kid to her mother's. Now you tell me where the hell that's at-my dog is thirteen years old and he's gonna stay in a kennel 'til I get back or I exceed my credit card limit. In which case I don't have any idea what happens to him. Vinnie's dying and she tells me I'm doing this to her? Actually, her mother tells me 'cause she won't talk to me. She says that if she were dying I'd say, go ahead and go on without me, Hon, 'cause I have no idea why I'll be home. So here I am, standin' here in my nightie, telling this to a practically absolute stranger. A very nice stranger. Because - Because, Lillah, I want to be touched. I want to be loved. Because- 'Cause I'm an ass.

"Wiseguy: Going Home (#2.1)" (1988)
Frank McPike: Oh, thank you for forty months of valiant service in the face of daily terror, and now, Vinnie, if you don't mind, we would like to confine you for an indeterminate amount of time while the Bureau psychiatrists ascertain your moral fitness?

"Wiseguy: Squeeze (#1.17)" (1988)
Frank McPike: They're MBA gangsters. They don't honor thy father, they honor the leveraged buyout.

"Wiseguy: Dead Right (#4.8)" (1990)
Frank McPike: I've got 14 years in, Paul. That's almost a third of my life. My marriage broke up, my son doesn't know who I... I've given everything to this job.
Frank McPike: So much for my future in undercover work.
Frank McPike: Um, I was never really very much with words. I'm Irish, you see. Well, I don't know, what can I say. I've worked with Mr. Chambers for several weeks... his father's one of the best senators money can buy...
Frank McPike: That I think was called a dog and pony show. You see, you were the pony and I was the dog.
Frank McPike: And lose Special Agent Frank McPike and the wonder dog, Santana? Now what would your friends on Eyewitness News say.

"Wiseguy: Changing Houses (#4.9)" (1990)
Frank McPike: Boy, sometimes if it wasn't for dumb luck we wouldn't have any luck at all.

"Wiseguy: No One Gets Out of Here Alive (#1.9)" (1987)
Frank McPike: You did the right thing. In spite of the money and the women and the power, you did the right thing. A lot of guys we work for and with, they would have caved in to the seduction. I don't know that I wouldn't have myself.