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Oedipus (Character)
from Oedipus the King (1968)

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"The Theban Plays by Sophocles: Oedipus at Colonus (#1.2)" (1986)
[first lines]
Oedipus: Antigone, your father is old and blind.

Oedipus: My agonies are unique. My punishments unparalleled. The gods well know I suffered for my ignorance.

Oedipus: Only the gods escape the penalties of age and death. Time undermines everything. Nothing can stop the inevitable process of decay. The earth itself is eroded. The bodies of men wither, shrink and die. Good faith dies, too, and lies bear fruit and flourish. Between friend and friend, feelings slowly change, and between cities, too. Distrust grows. Love turns to hate, hate to love. And all joy in the passing of time becomes sorrow. It's fare-well and love between you and Thebes, not a cloud in sight. But time has an infinity of days and nights to live through yet. And the slightest pretext one day will be more than enough to cut down friendship with whole regiments of swords. I shall be long in my grave sleeping, a forgotten corpse. But it is then that my cold body will drink their hot blood.

Oedipus: The incest and the murder and all the rest of it: I didn't intend any of these actions. I endured them! The gods took their pleasure on me, paying back, I suppose, some old sin of my ancestors.

Oedipus: Sun, daylight, which has been no light to me for years, I saw you once. I remember how good you were. And now I can still feel you, your life-giving warmth, here on my face for the last time. Now I go down with faltering steps to the last darkness, the blindness of eternity.