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Dr. Eleanor Bramwell (Character)
from "Bramwell" (1995)

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"Bramwell: Episode #1.1" (1995)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: I'm a qualified physician. I know about venereal disease!
Sir Herbert Hamilton: You are a lady. You should be ashamed even to say those words.

Dr. Robert Bramwell: Go to your room, miss! Turn yourself from a foul and common doctor into a lady! If she knows how...
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: An 18-inch waist and a fainting fit over the dessert? I think I can manage that.

"Bramwell: Episode #1.2" (1995)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: It'll be good to start paying my way.
Dr. Robert Bramwell: At last, her education bears fruit.

Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: I'll be a proper gentlewoman. Not a word about blood and gore.

"Bramwell: Episode #1.3" (1995)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: My father, interested in motherless babes? According to him, they're nothing but trouble, for years and years.
Dr. Robert Bramwell: Decades.

"Bramwell: Episode #3.1" (1997)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: [waving a 5-pound note Mrs. Costigan has given her for a patient] Nurse Carr would call this tainted money.
Mr. Joe Marsham: Nurse Carr is a self-righteous prig.

"Bramwell: Episode #2.8" (1996)
Robert Bramwell: Are you going to luncheon?
Eleanor Bramwell: Why? Do you want to chop up my food for me and feed it to me on a baby spoon?
Robert Bramwell: Yes. And then I shall send you to your room for being impudent.

"Bramwell: Episode #1.5" (1995)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: Oh, Kate. You won't lose your virtue on a bicycle.
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: Unless it's a tandem.

"Bramwell: Episode #1.6" (1995)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: I refuse to flirt and gush all over him.
Lady Cora Peters: If it helps this infirmary, I would happily flirt with the Devil himself.

"Bramwell: Episode #2.5" (1996)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: We've no spare rooms, so we'll have to share a desk.
Guy le Saux: And do we have to share a pen between the two of us?
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: Three of us. There's Dr. Marsham as well.