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Dr. Joe Marsham (Character)
from "Bramwell" (1995)

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"Bramwell: Episode #3.1" (1997)
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell: [waving a 5-pound note Mrs. Costigan has given her for a patient] Nurse Carr would call this tainted money.
Mr. Joe Marsham: Nurse Carr is a self-righteous prig.

"Bramwell: Episode #2.8" (1996)
Joe Marsham: Can we pretend that this is a working infirmary where we are not all in varying degrees of emotional turmoil?

"Bramwell: Episode #1.5" (1995)
Dr. Robert Bramwell: [unpacking equipment] What the hell do we do with these?
Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Marsham: Does Mr. Grimes complain of constipation?
Dr. Robert Bramwell: He complains of everything.
Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Marsham: Then you may get the opportunity to find out.

"Bramwell: Episode #1.6" (1995)
Sir Herbert Hamilton: Isn't that my old theatre nurse, what's her name?
Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Marsham: Carr. Yes, it is.
Sir Herbert Hamilton: I recognized the temper.