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Stanley H. Tweedle (Character)
from "Lexx" (1997)

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"Lexx: I Worship His Shadow (#1.1)" (1997)
Stanley H. Tweedle: But he didn't even do anything, it's just a mix-up!
Correction Centre Guard: Life's a mix-up, huh?

Computer: Only authorized persons are admitted to the special projects highest level security area. If the system is not able to recognize your facial images from its library of unauthorized persons, your flesh will be disposed of as useful organic material and added to the protein mass.
Stanley H. Tweedle: Jeez, does this thing have a down button?

Zev Bellringer: Stan, do you have any idea where we should tell the Lexx to go?
Stanley H. Tweedle: Yes.
Zev Bellringer: Where?
Stanley H. Tweedle: My tooth.

"Lexx: Super Nova (#1.2)" (1997)
Stanley H. Tweedle: Once again Manly Stanley saves the day!

Stanley H. Tweedle: Hey bolt-brain, I've got two left hands!
790: Looks fine to me.

[last lines]
Stanley H. Tweedle: Lexx, let's see if we can find us a new home.
Lexx: As you wish, Stan.

"Lexx: Norb (#2.12)" (1999)
Stanley H. Tweedle: Kai, what do you think?
Kai: [in his dead monotone] I do not think the way you think, I think.

"Lexx: Brigadoom (#2.18)" (1999)
Stanley H. Tweedle: I've got another idea. We're not going to the center anymore.
Xev Bellringer: We're not?
Stanley H. Tweedle: Because 2000 years ago, Kai was right, it's better to die fighting, than to die running, and come on face it, at the center, there's nothing but a cowards death.
Xev Bellringer: So where are we going to go?
Stanley H. Tweedle: To fight Mantrid. Look... why should we... just... replay what's already happened, lets re-write the end.
Xev Bellringer: Yes. Yes Stanley we are going to fight Mantrid. The Lexx still the most powerful single force in the universe.
Stanley H. Tweedle: Yeah, at least... it will be a good way to die.
Kai: I found a good way to die once. I am happy for you to join me.