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Quotes for
SEN (Character)
from THX 1138 (1971)

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THX 1138 (1971)
SEN 5241: [kneeling in a studio before a large image of OMM] Things don't seem to make sense. Sometimes I see things get left out, and... they don't fit. People don't seem to see them. Or they don't know what to do. Sometimes I - Sometimes a little - a little adjustment -
SEN 5241: - can make all the difference. I wanna do the right thing. I wanna go back. I - I - I can s - I can start again. I can... change. I can - I can help. I just need a - need to rest up for a little while.
Monk: This is no place for prayer. If you want to speak to OMM, you must go to a unichapel. You know that.
SEN 5241: Yes.
Monk: What? Are you in any trouble?
SEN 5241: No, I - I'm okay, I'm going now.
Monk: What's your number and what's your prefix? I'm going to see this gets into your report.
SEN 5241: [stammering] No, I'm leaving now.
Monk: I'm sorry, I - I have to report all intruders. Uh, where's your identification badge?
SEN 5241: I... lost it.
Monk: You're in violation. I'm gonna have to report you to the authorities.

SEN 5241: You know, when I was at school, it was all very different. We used to stay in bed all the time. Combined primary economics... Combined primary economics was a bottle about this big.
[holds hands two feet apart]
SEN 5241: Took a week.
Child: Wow!

SRT: [Meeting THX and SEN] Hello. Uh, where'd you guys come from?
[THX and SEN don't speak]
SRT: Oh well, it doesn't make any difference, I guess.
[SRT notices SEN's food]
SRT: Uh, is that food? I'm starving. Do you mind?
THX 1138: How did you get here?
SRT: I was lost.
THX 1138: You're not lost now?
SRT: [Eating with his mouth full] Uh-uh.
SEN 5241: You know the way out?
SRT: [Chewing] Um hmm.
SRT: That's the way out.
[He points in the direction from which THX and SEN have just come]
SEN 5241: Well that's the way we just came.
SRT: Yeah, but maybe you were traveling around in circles see, 'cause that's the way out.
[SRT points behind them again]
THX 1138: How do you know?
SRT: [Pointing] Well look. Look more closely. You see? Come on.
[SRT walks in the direction he was pointing and the other two follow]
SEN 5241: Oh yeah.

SEN 5241: What have you done to LUH? She was here.
THX 1138: We - had a long talk and - she agreed that it would be better for both of you to switch. She seemed to think that you weren't accurately mated with her in the first place. I'll never have another mate like O-N-A. You rate very high in sanitation. I've checked.
SEN 5241: I don't feel well.
[Leaves abruptly]
SEN 5241: We'll be happy!

THX 1138: What's going on?
SEN 5241: I want you for my roommate. We'll be very good for one another.
THX 1138: I don't understand? Living - Living selection is computed.
SEN 5241: I know what you're thinking. Program shifting isn't that major a crime, is it?
THX 1138: You're in violation.

SEN 5241: Our differences are differences of emphasis.

SEN 5241: [prison] I want an idea that is clear, simple and plain as the nose on your face!
[another prisoner punches him in the nose]

SEN 5241: [a prisoner jumps repeatedly on a downed robot] Now that's what I call the wrong idea.

SEN 5241: You know I've always had a way with computers.

SEN 5241: Do you know you're perspiring? It's not exactly warm in here.

SEN 5241: [Prison] Do you know how many times I've listened to that speech? Do you KNOW how many TIMES I've listened to THAT SPEECH?

SEN 5241: [has found the TV Studio with the photograph of OMM, and is talking to it] Sometimes a little adjustment makes all the difference. I'm going to go back.

THX 1138: What are you doing here? You're not cleared for this area.
SEN 5241: You know I have a way with computers. I can program myself for any area, almost.
THX 1138: I'll report you.