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Quotes for
Ryce (Character)
from Beethoven (1992)

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Beethoven's 2nd (1993)
Alice Newton: I just got off the phone with Miss Anderson. You wanna tell me what's going on?
Ryce Newton: I can't.
Alice Newton: You can't? Oh, honey, yes you can. We've always been very honest with each other. What, are you skipping school to spend time with boys? 'Cause if you are, there was a time in my life ...
Ryce Newton: No, mom, no. I'm not using drugs and I'm not pregnant.
Alice Newton: Well, what's goin' on, honey?
Ryce Newton: Ted, Emily, and I have been hiding four puppies in the basement.
George Newton: [downstairs] Honey, I'm home!
Alice Newton: Don't tell your dad.

[the Newtons are having dinner, faint barking sounds are heard]
George Newton: Are those sounds coming from outside or in the basement?
Alice Newton, Ryce Newton, Emily, Ted a.k.a. Shorty: [quickly, in unison] Outside.
George Newton: [leaves the table] I-I think I'm hearing something from the basement.
[George walks down the basement, the light switch is heard turned on]
George Newton: OH, NO!
Alice Newton: Roll, anyone?

Ryce Newton: [after Taylor locked her in with him] Taylor, this isn't funny. Just unlock the door.
Taylor Devereaux: Ryce, Ryce, relax. This is gonna be an experience you're never gonna forget.
[Beethoven suddenly tears the cottage down sending half the party of teenagers and Taylor into the lake]
Ryce Newton: Hey, Taylor, great party!
[Beethoven barks at her]
Ryce Newton: Thanks, Beethoven!

[the Newton family search for the puppies]
Emily Newton: Look!
[the family stops]
Emily Newton: Puppy poops.
Ted a.k.a. Shorty: If it's warm, that means we're close! Touch it.
Emily Newton: No, YOU touch it.
Ted a.k.a. Shorty: No, I'm not gonna touch it; you're gonna touch it.
Ryce Newton: I'll touch it.
[Ryce slowly puts her fingers down to the object, Emily winces]
Ryce Newton: [in disgust] It's warm.
George Newton: Okay, good! They're close. Better wash your hands.

George Newton: I don't want to be responsible for 5 dogs!
Ryce Newton: You don't HAVE to be responsible. Dad, we've been responsible - we've gone through hell with these dogs. And if being responsible means we have to give them up now, then, I hate responsibility. Dad, we kept them alive just like you and mom kept us alive. Ad you're not gonna take them away from us.

[first lines]
Emily: [gives Beethoven a piece of pork] Here, Beethoven.
Ted a.k.a. Shorty: [gives him a slightly bigger slice] Here, boy. Here's a special treat.
Alice Newton: [shows him a roasted chicken] Here, Beethoven. This is from all of us.
George Newton: Beethoven...
[holds up a giant steak]
George Newton: I want you to have this!
[George approaches to Beethoven]
Ryce Newton: Mom, we're out of toilet paper!
Alice Newton: Here!
[a roll of toilet paper wakes up Beethoven from his dream]

[after Ryce comes home and after Taylor kissed her]
Alice Newton: Hi, honey.
Ryce Newton: [smiles, not paying attention] Uh-huh...
George Newton: It's 7:30.
Ryce Newton: Uh-huh...

Beethoven (1992)
Ryce Newton: Oh my gosh Emily's in the pool!
Devonia Pest: The pool!

Devonia Pest: [to Emily after she was discovered having almost drowned in the neighbours' pool] Now, we don't want you to get into trouble, so we'll this be our little secret!
Ryce Newton: [furiously to Devonia] I'd like to call my mother please.
Devonia Pest: Your mother?
Ryce Newton: Immediately.