Dr. Varnick
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Dr. Varnick (Character)
from Beethoven (1992)

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Beethoven (1992)
Dr. Varnick: Here for his shots?
George Newton: Yes.
Dr. Varnick: Well he'll be a little groggy this evening.
George Newton: That'll be nice.

[Dr. Varnick is about to shoot George]
Dr. Varnick: You're a very foolish man, Mr. Newton. You should have left well enough alone.

[the Newtons are visiting Dr. Varnick's office looking for Beethoven]
Dr. Varnick: You have no right to be in here. Out, all of you!
George Newton: Where's my dog?
Dr. Varnick: I don't have to answer your questions. You ordered that dog destroyed, and it was done. Now get out.
Dr. Varnick: [before he could hit him, George grabs Dr. Varnick] You hit me, l'll have you put in jail for assault and battery.
[Dr. Varnick nods his head, then George punches him in the face]