Big Bossman
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Big Bossman (Character)
from "WWE Raw" (1993)

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Fully Loaded (1999) (TV)
The Big Boss Man: [at the back entrance during the Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow match] It still sure hurt, you son of a bitch? Huh? How does it feel?
[Al Snow slaps him right-handed]

The Big Boss Man: [shows Al Snow a signboard tied at a gate while holding his head] Private property, no trespassing.
[bangs Al Snow's forehead towards the signboard]

WWF Attitude (1999) (VG)
Big Bossman: You're about to serve hard time!

Summerslam (1991) (TV)
The Big Bossman: [When The Mountie Leaves to Go to Jail] Bye Bye Jailbird.