Gabriel Yulaw
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Gabriel Yulaw (Character)
from The One (2001)

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The One (2001)
Yulaw: I am Yulaw! I am nobody's bitch! You are mine.

Prison Warden: Yulaw, are you ready?
Yulaw: [looks at Warden] Are you?

[Being ambushed by three cops]
Yulaw: Don't you people ever learn?

[Before Gabe and Yulaw fight each other]
Yulaw: After this, there will be only one.

[last lines]
[Yulaw making his announcement to the prisoners in the Hades Universe]
Yulaw: I don't need to know you. *You* only need to know *me*. I will be The One!

Yulaw: I don't need to know you.
Yulaw: You only need to know me.
Yulaw: I will be the one.

[Yulaw listens to heavy metal in a stolen van but gets held at gunpoint by Roedecker]
Yulaw: Just when I find something that I like in this universe.

Yulaw: There has never been anything greater than what I have become.

Roedecker: On the floor, right now!
Yulaw: The floor? This is a hospital. The floor is full of germs. Want me to get sick?

Roedecker: You have killed 123 people, I'd say that is a *very* bad thing you did, Yulaw. You don't know what would happen if you kill this one. His death could affect the whole system, but I guess that doesn't matter to...
Yulaw: I know, everything must be balanced. Blah-blah-blah-blah, the party line. What do you think would happen?
Roedecker: Some people think you'd explode. Some people think you'd implode.
Yulaw: You're missing one.
Roedecker: Some people think you'd become some sort of god?
Yulaw: Yes, that's the one.

Yulaw: The Multiverse, every universe in it, is irrational, sloppy. I try to make it rational. I try to make it neat. You call it murder. How can I murder myself 123 times? I just took those wasted energies and transferred them to one container: me. What if that is our fate? To unite with ourselves, to be unified forever. To be one. I will be The One.

Yulaw: The shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line.

Yulaw: There hasn't been anything like what I have become. You know that, you were there for my very first one.

Yulaw: [confronting Gabriel Law] The good news is you're not crazy. The bad news is...
[starts shooting at him]

T.K. Law: You were shot. You need to be examined.
Gabriel Law: You can do it.
T.K. Law: Um, newsflash. I'm a vet. You're not a dog.

Gabriel Law: My grandfather taught me the energy of life goes in a circle in a perfect flow, balanced. He said until I find my center, my circle would never be whole. That day, I first saw her in the clinic I came in with a dog that was hit by a car. I knew right away she was my center. She made me whole.

Yulaw: Just so you know, I'm going to take that gun and kill you before you can pull the trigger. There's nothing you can do, except give it to me.

Yulaw: [to T.K] Before I saw him I felt him. It was me.

Yulaw: If we kill him, this whole universe could go with him.

Yulaw: I just need to do it one more time.

Yulaw: Miss me?