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Henrietta Barrett (Character)
from The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934)

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The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934)
Henrietta Barrett: Is it nothing to you that I shall hate you for this to the end of my life?
Edward Moulton-Barrett: Less than nothing.

Henrietta Barrett: Papa, please. I'm not a bad girl, I swear I'm not, only I love him, I love him. He's a good man, it can't be wrong to love him. I want love, I can't live without love. Oh Papa, remember how you loved Mama and how she loved you!

Henrietta Barrett: Ba, dear, is there anything? Anything at all to be said to PaPa's attitude toward marriage? Can it possibly be wrong to - to want a man's love desperately and - long for babies of my own?
Elizabeth Barrett: Love and babies are something I don't know very much about.
Henrietta Barrett: Oh, I know, dear, you're a woman apart. But, but, love and babies are natural to an ordinary girl like me. And what's natural, cant' be wrong!
Elizabeth Barrett: No. And yet the holiest men and women renounce these things.
Henrietta Barrett: Oh, I dare say, Ba; but, I'm not holy!

Henrietta Barrett: But, do you know Ba, sometimes I've wondered, are you, are you completely satisfied? Is it enough just to - to correspond with Mr. Browning, for instance? Don't you sometimes wish that you could see him?
Elizabeth Barrett: If I could see and not be seen.
Henrietta Barrett: Why?
Elizabeth Barrett: Because, at heart, I'm as vain as a peacock. He thinks my verses, stately and beautiful. He probably thinks me, the same. It would be so humiliating to disillusion him.
Henrietta Barrett: Oh, don't be silly, Ba. You're very interesting and picturesque.
Elizabeth Barrett: Isn't that how the guidebooks usually describe a ruin?

Elizabeth Barrett: Tell Mr. Browning that I'm very sorry but I'm - I'm not well enough to see him.
Henrietta Barrett: Oh, but, Ba, that's not true you can't send him away.
Elizabeth Barrett: But, I'd much - I'd much rather not see him.
Henrietta Barrett: Oh fudge! You're not a silly school girl, I'll bring him up myself!

Henrietta Barrett: You've spoken to Papa. I like that. Why, you sat on his knees and stroked his whiskers.
Bella Hedley: And why not? Isn't he my Uncle? And besides that, I think he's most foughtfully frilling. I adore that stern and gloomy type of gentleman.

Elizabeth Barrett: Why do you tell me this?
Henrietta Barrett: Because I want you to say that I'm a wicked, deceitful, purged, loose woman!